Office Walon Kou Prank Karney Kay Tareeqay

Ever since the pandemic – one of the things affected are our offices. It is because of the uncertain times that we are living our lives in right that can at times make the office environment very tense.

Ever since the pandemic – one of the things affected are our offices. It is because of the uncertain times that we are living our lives in right that can at times make the office environment very tense. And really, humain tou laga tha kay corona khatam ho gaya hai. Maagar agae haai panchwi wave jis ney phir sey kar diya hai humain pareshaan. But still we think, keeping calm and maintaining SOP’s can lead to better days and a healthy environment. But what about some good ol’ office humour? Some office pranks are just necessary, for some people at least 😉

Aur is hi pareshaani kou duur karney kay liyay humney nikalay hain kuch totkay. When working, one does not have a lot of time for fun or to play games. We know this because we have tried. Obviously, once we start to play games, we keep doing it and waste solid hours, which could have been very productive.

So – how can we improve the environment in our offices; especially in those super tense days? Well, what better way than to prank our colleagues? Here are some of the best office pranks, jou yaad dilayen gey apkou apkay bachpan kay time ki.

  1. Fake Current

Almost everyone reading this would have at least 5 times in their lives would have been to Mall Road in Murree. Asal mein tou issey bhi zayada dafa hi gaien hoon gay sab. Maagar chalain hum 5 baar hi kar laitay hain.

Now you must all remember those magic shops with different toys jou magic kartay thay. Hum sab ney apni zindagi mein pehli dafa us dukhan per jaa kar apney amma aur abba sey zid ki hui kay un magical toys ki.

Tou jab zara Mausam acha ho jae tou jaien Murree aur us dukaan per jaa kar lain Fake Current.

Now what is it?

Fake Current looks like a spring of bubble gum, and when one tries to pull out the gum – he/she will feel a slight current, and a whole lot of anger at the lameness of the act. But is hi mein tou maza hai?

  1. Fake Ink

Yeh ink bhi murree hi sey milti hai. And it is very important on days when your colleagues have a super important presentation with the higher ups.

On days like that simply, 15 minutes before the meeting, throw some of that ink of your colleague aur phir dekhain jadu.

Watch them freak out and ‘panik’ – yes the meme panik with a ‘K’. While they enter the conference room feeling embarrassed at having ink splattered on their shirts – watch them be pranked kyun kay Ink tou jaddu wali dukan sey li thi na? 15 minute mein ghayab.

Phir kaisa laga jaddu?

  1. Fart sounds

Now to some of you this may seem a little inappropriate, and while it can be but when two people working together are friends tou chalta hai. Hassi Mazak mein sab chalta hai. Kyun kay meri ammi jee kehti hain ‘Office kay pranks mein sab chalta hai kyun kay fart sounds sey bara koi prank nahen hota.’

Tou bus apney sath bhetay huay insaan kou zara tang karain. Lunch ki break kay baad jaisay hi who bhetnay lagay tou phone per sey awaz chala dein aur apney samney dekhain aik timataar laal kaisay hota hai.

  1. Toothpaste cake

Office mein aik banda zaroor hota hai jissey apki bari dosti hoti hai. Aur jab uski birthday ae tou mehnat karney ka dil bhi karta hai. Tou is hi liyay jab cake ley lein tou us kou ghar ley kar jaien aur toothpaste sey likhain cake kay upper dastaan apney us pyaray dost kay liyay.

Phir agley din us sey wo cake katwaien aur ussey kahain kay sab pehlay cake kaat kar dou us larki kou jisper apkay dost kou ho crush.

Aur phir bus aram sey bhet kar tamasha dekhain.

But really all of this is just fun and games. Please do not do these if your colleagues do not have a humor and will go and cry to your boss. All of these pranks are just meant to be for fun, and do not intend to harm anyone. If you want to have a good time – tou karain yeh jaa kar and have a good time!

We are also going to prank our office staff!

Ammi Ki Daant – Ammion Ka Aqwal-e-Zarrien

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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