How Not to Celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day

A political crisis has gripped the nation. Corruption runs abound, and if that’s not the worst part, there is talk of a looming crisis. Thoughts of whether Pakistan will turn out like Sri Lanka or not plague everybody’s mind.

In the middle of all this tension and the economic tragedies that the country is put through, finding hope is no less than a monumental challenge. Considering the current circumstances in Pakistan, it should be no surprise to you that most of us don’t celebrate Independence Day as we did in the golden old days. The enthusiasm has gone downhill, especially when everyone dreams of living a luxurious life outside Pakistan. The hard part is that such a sentiment is completely understandable.

In light of such a state of affairs, it is only fair that we properly utilize the 14th of August and do more than just celebrate the day. The first part would be to recognize what we shouldn’t do on the day of 14th August.


What Not to Do on 14TH August

The key highlight of 14th August is usually the waving of Pakistani flags on top buildings and ensuring that every street and city lane shines like a bride. The approach is incredible, especially since it rekindles that sense of enjoyment and makes us feel like this day is special.

Sadly, that is the only thing that happens on 14th August. People revere the day as if it’s a celebratory occasion, only to forget what it stands for. That’s not all. Many people indulge in practices that can end up destroying other people’s peace and set a few negative trends. Some of those practices are given below. These are the examples of what NOT to do on 14th August.

  • Don’t become the ultimate source of noise pollution. It has unfortunately become a common trend among other citizens to employ toy horns or accelerate their bikes with silencers. The practice is not only derogatory, but it is also harmful to people with hearing and heart issues.


  • Don’t start handing pessimistic opinions about Pakistan. That is one of the worst things you can do not only to others but also to yourself. For more than 72 years, Pakistan was predicted to have collapsed like a house of cards. While it can be very difficult to see the silver lining in the dark and looming clouds, it is important to note that we must have been doing SOMETHING RIGHT that has led to Pakistan still retaining its status as an independent country.


  • Don’t downgrade anyone who is being a part of the awareness campaign. No matter how small of an impact anyone makes, it can play a good role in bringing much-needed change. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.


  • Don’t spark political debates. While it is natural to support a political party, bringing one’s political agenda everywhere is wrong. Nothing is worse than giving your power to another entity, no matter how pious they are. It is not political leaders who bring change. What common people do in their everyday lives empowers or depowers a country. Good is hidden in every little thing of common folk. 


  • Don’t highlight the overly negative or weak spots of our country. That is the worst thing you can do on Independence Day. Take a few moments to reflect on which side of our country is still strong and remains upstanding. Pakistan has become the hub of freelancing, along with securing amazing spots in terms of entertainment and gaming. That’s not all. It is the land of raw talent. Cases like Talha and Arshad Nadeem have proven what our people can do. Another rising industry in Pakistan is music. Coke Studios has proven that countless times.


  • Don’t engage in bad practices such as turning on loud music or spreading litter on your roads. Often, many people engage in aerial firing. That is even worse than accelerating your bikes without silencers. For the peace and safety of others and yourself, stay away from such practices.


  • Every special day is special for a reason. Now is a great time to reflect and see what we can do within our capacity to bring positive change. Do not waste the 14th of August like all previous Independence Day celebrations, which are forgotten after the 14th.


  • Don’t ignore the plight of other Pakistanis. Now is the best time to practice community spirit and help those who need it the most. 

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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