Flooding Threats in Pakistan and India!

Another flood disaster could happen in India, Pakistan, and other places and the floods that come after are often strong enough to damage or destroy important infrastructure.

Flooding threats in Pakistan and India
Flooding threats in Pakistan and India

According to the findings of a recent study, up to 15 million people are at risk of catastrophic flooding as a result of glacial lakes, which have natural dams that could burst at any moment.

Lakes are formed from glacial meltwater as glaciers melt and the climate warms. It is unclear how global warming will affect floods in glacial lakes, but it is certain that the number and size of glacial lakes around the world have increased.

The condition of the lakes was evaluated, as was the growing population of people living in the lakes’ downstream areas. Flooding Threats in Pakistan and India have been accessed and studied by Nature Communications.

These floods can strike at any time, without warning, which is one of the things that makes them so perilous. Flooding threats in Pakistan and India are not something to be taken unseriously. We need to act upon it before it hits us.
The authors warn that those in mountainous regions of Asia and South America are particularly vulnerable.
Nearly two-thirds of the vulnerable population lives in just four countries: India, Pakistan, Peru, and China. Close to a million people in Asia are located within just 10 kilometers of a glacial lake. It’s how close people are to those lakes, and their capacity to respond to the disaster that’s important,” said Dr. Carr (BBC).

We are very well aware of the floods in Pakistan as recently by mid-January 2023, as many as 4 million children were still living near contaminated and stagnant flood waters, risking their survival and well-being. It takes years and years for the country to settle after these natural disasters.

Flooding Threats in Pakistan and India therefore should be taken seriously. As nearly 15 million people in flood-affected areas still need emergency food assistance, while an estimated 9 million people are being pushed into monetary poverty and learning losses from the floods.

Lakes formed by melting glaciers have natural dams of loose rocks and ice that can fail suddenly and unpredictably. Failures of dams are complicated but often start when a piece of rock or ice from the nearby mountains falls into a lake.

This makes a wave move across the lake like a tsunami, and when it gets to the dam, it makes it unstable. So, we must take all the precautionary measures before such a situation emerges.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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