Ever Heard of Fish Falling from the Sky?

In a city in Australia, a strange and tragic event occurred in which fish began to fall from the sky. The children in the city were astonished to see this and began to catch the fish.

Weird Fish rain experienced in Australia
Weird Fish rain experienced in Australia

An Australian town experiences rare fishes falling from the sky in a bizarre event, it is quite shocking for a city to have fish rain instead of water.

According to a story from a foreign news agency, residents of a remote town in Australia called Lajamanu witnessed a strange meteorological phenomenon in which fish dropped from the sky during a period of severe rain and storm. Fish falling from the sky has different reviews by science and the Holy Quran.

Remarkably, a similar occurrence was encountered in the same city in Australia two times. This is the third time that it has occurred since we first noticed it.


According to those specializing in meteorology, such occurrences can be brought on by powerful updrafts, such as tornadoes, that pull water and fish out of rivers. They are carried by the wind for a considerable distance during a storm before they are eventually deposited as rain from the clouds.

When the fish started to tumble, youngsters from all across the neighborhood rushed to save them as quickly as they could. Japanangka said that the fish were still alive as they descended from the sky. Despite the fact that he had previously observed such occurrences, he was taken aback by the phenomena, and he thought that it was a supernatural blessing.

According to Holy Quran, Chater Al-A’raf verse 133,” Then we afflicted them with a great flood 95 and locusts, and the lice96, and the frogs and the blood. All these were distinct signs and yet they remained haughty. They were wicked people.”

According to science, it is an impossible phenomenon and very rare to occur.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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