Celebs Attacked by a Mob in Karachi!

According to the filmmaker, the perpetrators forcibly entered the house, harassed women, and stole their equipment while they were there.

Celebs attacked by a mob in Karachi
Celebs attacked by a mob in Karachi

Director Nabeel Qureshi tweeted that his cast and crew had been “attacked by a mob” in Karachi. Many child actors were also on set at the time of the incident, including Hira Mani, Salman Saquib Sheikh (Mani), Gul-e-Rana, and a few others. The celebs attacked by a mob are in a continuous state of shock.

We have been attacked by a mob in PIB Colony, Jamshed Quarter Martin Road during the shoot,” Nabeel wrote on Twitter. “They got into the house we were shooting a hundred people. They harassed women/actresses. [The mob] beat the sh*t out of the crew, stole mobiles, equipment.”

The director, who was writing about the incident while sitting in a police station, continued, “We are sitting here in the PIB police station, and they attacked like anything. The truth is, something like this has never occurred in Karachi before.”

Hira also shared the trauma on Instagram. “It was a very unfortunate event to witness today and I wish and pray no one face that ever,” the Kashf star wrote. Hira added, “My team members, who are in critical condition in the hospital, fought the perpetrators to save us. Pray for their quick recovery.”

Celebs attacked by a mob explained their feelings and were still in shock.

Moreover, other actors also presented their sorrows. Something like this has never happened and is indeed very disturbing to witness as there were child actors as well.

Wajahat Rauf added, “Poor state of affairs,” while tagging Sindh Police’s Instagram handle. Ahsan Khan shared, “In these days and times, security is a must for areas like Jamshed Quarters. I demand that law enforcement agencies take swift action in this regard and bring people responsible for this cowardly attack to justice.”



Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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