Beyond Records Bought Kamal Raja in Town

Reviving the 3F’s: Food, Fun & Friends

New Year’s Eve 2023 in Islamabad is something that indeed excites every single person. It is exactly that one gala celebration, with the sole purpose of biding the old year and welcoming the new year.

So, with this aim, the people of Bahria Town and Islamabad just got off the surface and welcomed their new year by attending a blasting concert by Kamal Raja. The event was attended by families mostly who were accompanied by young kids. Yes, you heard it right, it was truly a family-welcoming concert with people sipping on hot soup and enjoying their good food. This extravagant concert had all the fun that people were thriving for to hail their new year.

Kamal Raja, a Dutch-origin Pakistani singer enthralled the crowd with his bouncy and livid songs this new year. Another aspiring artist Arbaz Khan wowed the audience with his hippy and joyous songs and also entertained the attendees with his funny jokes. However, our personal favorite was Nimra Mehra who entertained us with the latest B-Town songs. She hyped the crowd to its fullest.

The crowd danced their heart out and applauded the organizers Beyond Records for arranging such an organized concert on this special night of the new year. Neemopani was the social media partner who covered the concert digitally. The show did delight the people through some nostalgic songs.

All and all, the ambiance was so gripping.

We hope 2023 would be a year full of fun and entertainment. This would be the year for us to engage in mindfulness, which would definitely aid to develop our resilience and positive attitude. The cherry on top was that Bahria Town did some fireworks that just lit up the sky with beautiful colors and welcomed the new year.

Written by Team Neemopani


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