Atif Aslam Urges Fan to Donate Money to Gaza instead of Throwing it at him

atif aslam

A lot of people love Pakistani singer Atif Aslam. He recently showed his support for Gaza during a live concert, which won him even more friends. He is currently on tour in the United States. In a video that went popular on social media, an excited fan threw bills at the famous musician while he was performing.

Aslam’s first move was to stop performing and quietly tell his fan, “My friend, instead of throwing money at me, you could donate it.” He called the fan out on stage and thanked the fan for his kindness by telling him to give the money to a good cause. Atif said, “I appreciate your wealth, but the act of showering money can be seen as disrespectful.”

In a touching show of support, the singer of “Aadat” recently gave PKR15 million to help Gaza, Palestine, get the medical and food aid it needs. There is a humanitarian crisis in the area at the same time that the singer gave money to a charity. The charity group thanked him very much for his kind act.

The Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan shared a post on Instagram with a picture of the skilled star and a message of thanks for his kind act. The post said, “Deep gratitude to the respected Atif Aslam for his kind donation of 15 million PKR to help Gaza, Palestine with medical and food aid during these difficult times.” We humbly ask that you help the Alkhidmat Gaza Fund.

The artist also talked to Connect FM Canada about how his unique singing style has inspired other artists to try to copy it. “I think it’s an honour that someone is trying to sing your song and imitate your style,” he said. “This is making money for someone; the covers are his way of life.” “I can’t believe it’s helping people like this,” he said.

Written by Istafa Ali


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