Ali Tazeem The Next Amir Khan-Gone Too Soon

The young boxing star known as the  “the next Amir Khan”  lost his life in a car in the West Midlands. He was praised by the great Amir Khan in the following words, “He will be the next me and make history.”

Ali Tazeem

Ali Tazeem; ‘the next Amir Khan’ passes on in a car accident; the British Asian Boxing fraternity grieves. Ali Tazeem 18, was from Wolverhampton. He had just signed a professional contract after winning his final amateur match. He had given a bedazzling performance in front of a packed crowd. It is saddening to say that this young star has gone too soon.

The young boxing star known as “the next Amir Khan” lost his life in a car in the West Midlands. The great Amir Khan praised him in the following words, “He will be the next me and make history.”

His promoter, Sam Jones, who took it to Twitter confirmed Ali’s death, “This morning I woke up to the news that @_AliTazeem has passed away at 18. I can’t believe it I can’t even process it properly. We only spoke yesterday talking about how he was going to light up the pro game. All I can think about is Ali and his lovely family.”

The police had been investigating the unfortunate accident in Wolverhampton. The driver and Ali had suffered critical injuries and could not sustain them.

West Midlands Police have not yet named anyone for this accident. Former Light Weight Champion Amir Khan said that he was his friend’s son. He paid tribute to them, “Went to show my respect for the loss of my dear friend Tee’s son, Ali Tazeem. Rip champ, a big loss for in the British Asian boxing community.”

Sam Jones said, “He had all the tools to make it to the very top of this sport.” He was part of the Walsall’s Pound 4 Boxing Academy. He training with Floyd Mayweather Senior in the last week. He had won 15 international gold medals from 51 bouts. The Wolverhampton superstar had not only won 45 successes but won medals at events including the Monkstown Box Cup. Amir Khan praised him when Ali had won two gold medals in 2020, “I definitely think he is the next big thing for sure. I mean, the skillset he has, the movement, everything really reminds me of myself when I was younger and how I used to fight.”

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Ali had very high hopes while signing the contract, “I’ve made a lot of moves inside the ring, but the best move I’ve made in my career is signing with Probellum. With hard work and dedication, I know I can be the best in the business, especially with the support of Sam Jones, Probellum, my team, and great people around me.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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