Abdul Haq – The 20 Year Old Self Made Millionaire

Abdul Haq – The 20 Year Old Self Made Millionaire

Abdul Haq

Abdul Haq – The 20 Year Old Self Made Millionaire,The world of business is always changing, and the landscape is forever capricious. Especially since the advent of Covid-19, many people ended up finding their passion for entrepreneurship. The era of digital and cryptocurrency further gave a level playing field for many, due to which we saw the rise of many young millionaires rising to the occasion.

Pandemic can be considered to have a massive role in creating people’s avid interest in investing, and the younger generation has benefited most from it. One of the prime examples of this trend creating successful millionaires is Abdul Haq from Pakistan. This 20-year-old boy is one of Pakistan’s youngest self-made millionaires. His story of success was shared by Hello Pakistan.

Hailing from Multan, Abdul Haq boasts a massive portfolio of online earnings. The millionaire is currently earning PKR 1 Million and even above on a monthly basis. His ambition of earning hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his academic dreams, as currently, Abdul Haq is doing a Bachelors in Accounting and Financing.

In terms of business, Abdul Haq is a shrewd player of the game. He has prominent international clients from all over the world. Expanding his business domain all across the countries, the young millionaire is in contact with top US trading companies.

But he wasn’t always like that. Like all self-made people, he had a humble beginning that later led to a versatile portfolio. Starting from a job that he had in Lewi clothing store, Abdul Haq ended up pursuing his own business of buying and selling pet birds. Being a multi-talented individual, Abdul Haq made extra income through his specialty as a therapist and used its revenues to fuel his business.

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The real boost in his life came when Abdul Haq invested in cryptocurrency which proved to be a game-changer for his life. He didn’t sit down and let the trends become his only success. Abdul Haq started learning about the trading market to ensure that the rise and fall of cryptocurrency didn’t affect him. Through his trading knowledge, he connected with some of the influential clients in US trading companies.

One of the inspirational keynotes from Abdul’s journey is how he always had an unwavering faith in Allah almighty. Commenting on how the internet has transformed his journey, the young millionaire mentioned that internet is filled with opportunities that need to be leveraged to bear fruit. Considering how we are all living in the digital world, we can all take a page from Abdul Haq’s book.

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