5 Pakistani Women-Led Startups – A Source Of Inspiration

The global trend of women startups is not new around the world however, it is comparably new in Pakistan. The idea was welcomed with great enthusiasm. Many Pakistani women are known to be taking the lead and are starting their businesses.

5 Pakistani Women Startups-A source of inspiration

The global trend of women startups is not new around the world however, it is comparably new in Pakistan. The idea was welcomed with great enthusiasm. Many Pakistani women are known to be taking the lead and are starting their businesses. Isn’t it amazing how the world of business is revolutionizing from an orthodox system to new world order? Just how fast the night changes. But this change has opened many gates for women to motivate and encourage them. Neemopani brings you the 5 Pakistani Women Startups which are a source of inspiration for all the women out there.


Epiphany is the brainchild of Samar Hassan who has taken up the responsibility to help people who are stuck and are unable to move forward with their business. Samar Hassan is known to be a gaming and impact investing enthusiast, startup strategist, and specialist in sustainability and gender. Through her education, skills, and expertise she has become one of the leading startup experts in the country.

epiphany startup

She runs a startup with a team of business experts who can give you advice in various fields that can help you move forward with your business and take it to new heights. The insights from epiphany have helped many businesses flourish. Samar Hassan is setting new trends in the entrepreneurial world by guiding others and promoting inclusivity and diversity. Epiphany also has many other programs running like Epiphany Workshop Series, Executive Baithak, Epiphany Lab, Ask Me Anything, Epiphany Talks, Epiphany Office Hours, and SmashingIt!


Wajeeha Khalid, the director, and co-founder of Karwann is an inspiration for all young minds. She through her thinking and different approaches have shown the world that you don’t have to start a business when you come to a certain age. You can do it if you put your mind to it. The startup she has started is making a commendable difference.

Karwann is another unique startup. Unique in a sense this startup should have been introduced decades ago however, because of societal norms these issues are not talked about. The startup especially works for the uplift of women. It enables the women of marginalized areas to manufacture and sell menstrual pads in their area. The startup aims at inculcating in women the skills to pave their way by becoming independent financially. Moreover, it also makes the availability of hygienic sanitary pads to everyone at cheaper prices. A healthy lifestyle is everyone’s right and Karwann has focused all its efforts to make sure that right is granted.

karwann startup

Xera Curvy Co.

Dr. Zehra Husain is Pakistan’s first body activist. At a young age, she took the initiative of breaking the restricted beauty ideals that are against inclusivity. Zehra’s thinking and startup are helping create acceptance in society which should be lauded and supported in all respect.

Xera Curvy Co. startup

Xera Curvy Co. is definitely a startup that is worth all the appreciation. Clothing brands these days showcase their models as the embodiment of perfection but take a minute and ask yourself what is perfection and who is setting the standards? And why those standards are impacting our minds that we want to transform ourselves according to those standards. The answer to all these questions is Xera Curvy Co, a startup that has a totally different take on perfection at least the one that drives the orthodox beauty definers crazy. The brand manufactures trendy clothes, high quality, and sizes going up to 5XL. This is how you ensure inclusivity and instill in the mind of people that you shouldn’t degrade and demotivate yourself just because of the rigid mindset of some people. Embrace yourself with dignity.


Anusha Fatima, the CEO, and Founder of TrashIt, is doing what everyone around the world should be doing i.e., protecting the environment. Her approach to curbing the concerning climate change has led her to establish a startup that has climatic concerns at its heart. Moreover, because of it she also won many awards such as She Loves Tech Pakistan 2017 and Winner JumpStart Change Pakistan Conference 2017.

Environmental issues are in everyone’s common knowledge. However, only a few are paying heed to the degradation of the environment and making amends to stop it. But the startup TrashIt Is taking all the necessary steps to protect nature. TrashIt’s main focus is to make and sell environmentally friendly products. You must have heard about the concept of a sustainable lifestyle where you rely less on luxurious products or the products that might cause the degradation of natural resources. TrashIt is exactly the startup that leads people to live sustainable and healthy life.

TrashIt start up


Farwah Tapal and Halima Iqbal are the founders of Oraan. These incredible women came up with an innovative idea of a startup – a solution to all your money-saving problems. This is saving people the headache of handling a big amount of money. Moreover, it enables the consumers to take control of their financial matters.

A fintech startup Oraan is working to make people’s lives easier. It is like the digital version of the committee. For people who don’t know what’s a committee, it’s like a money-saving system. To save people from the hassle especially women, Oraan provides an easy money-saving system that is accessible to all. The app keeps the customers updated regarding their payments and also advises them on how to secure their financial future. Now you don’t have to worry whether you should trust a person with your money or not. Oraan being a credible startup ensures that your money is in safe hands.

Oraan start up

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