11 Top Most Electric Cars In Pakistan

In other countries, people are shifting to electric vehicles due to reliability and efficiency, and they are also playing a big role in cleaning the air as they are using cars with 0 emission rates. Due to the increase in air pollution, it is important for all of us to shift to Electric Cars.

The worldwide car industry is moving towards battery-controlled vehicles as they are advanced, up-to-date, and asset effective. For Pakistan, transport modernization is the need of great importance. In other countries, people are shifting to electric vehicles due to reliability and efficiency, and they are also playing a big role in cleaning the air as they are using cars with zero emission rates. Due to the increase in air pollution, it is important for all of us to shift to Electric Cars. Various pollution-free electric cars in Pakistan are available. These cars are useful for the future generation and will play a crucial role in a clean environment as they are smoking-free and friendly to the environment. That’s why people want to know about the best electric cars in Pakistan and electric car prices in Pakistan.

Electric cars in Pakistan are being promoted to provide a pollution-free environment for living. The govt aimed to get 30% of electric cars in Pakistan by the end of 2030 to overcome the pollution problem.

How does an electric vehicle work?

Electric vehicles are powered by lithium-ion batteries which can be easily charged by a charger plugged in. This means they run on spotless, environmentally friendly power and are bereft of exhaust, radiators, and engine burning.

Best Electric Cars in Pakistan

The best electric cars not only provide remarkable functioning, comfortable, and guarded riding experience but provide all the exceptional features and specifications that any luxurious car contains. Some of the well-known best electric cars in Pakistan are the followings.


Rinco Aria is a small hatchback launched in June 2022. It has a Battery Capacity of 17 Kw/h. It has 75 Horsepower with a Range of 210 kilometers. This little car has a top speed of 100 km/h. It takes 6 Hrs to charge. Price is 2,400,000.

NUR-E 75

Thou this car has not been launched yet but still, it’s getting a lot of attention from people all around the country. It has a battery Capacity of 35 kw/h. 105 Horsepower and a Range of 210. This car has a top speed of 120 km/h. Buyers will be able to completely charge it in 7-8 hrs. This car will launch in 2023 and the price will be 3,600,000.


Unlike the first two cars, MG is a well-known name that has been very successful around the world and in Pakistan as well. MG was launched back in 2020. After the success of its first car the MG HS, introduced another car the MG ZS EV. This car has an amazing battery capacity of 44.5 kw/h. 141 Horsepower with an amazing range of 320 kilometers. The top Speed is 200 km/h. Charging Time is 7 hrs.


After the Launch of HS, ZS & ZS EV, MG is planning to launch another car the MG MARVEL R. People much more anticipated this model due to its futuristic design and features. The battery Capacity is 132 kw/h. It is very powerful as its Horsepower is 177 with a top speed of 210 km/h. The range is 402 kilometers. Charging time will be 6-7 hrs. The ex-Factory price will be 7,000,000. It is expected to be launched at the End of 2022.


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It’s the first in its category with 11 seating capacity. What makes it special is its feature like parking sensors, auto gear, Twin AC, and much more. This Vehicle can be used for both private and commercial. Price ranging from 4,000,000-7,000,000. 250 kilometers on a single charge. Charging time is 7-8 hrs on normal and 2 hrs on fast charging. The top speed is 80 km/h. The battery Capacity is 42 kw/h.

BMW i4

BMW is a top-selling brand worldwide and now it launched its new i4 EV Sedan in Pakistan this year. This car has an amazing performance due to its impressive 340 hp for the base variant and 544 hp for the top variant. The range is from 510 to 590 kilometers. The Base variant is for 15,400,000 and the top for 19,400,000.

BMW ix3

The New BMW ix3 is a complete Electric SUV. This car has an aggressive and futuristic design. This car gives you an amazing 0-100 of 6.8 secs due to its powerful electric motor which produces 284 hp. It’s a lynx of comfort, luxury, and performance. It has a range of 458 kilometers. It can be charged in 6 hrs and 2 hrs on a fast charger.


Audi launched the first generation of its luxury electric SUV, e-Tron, in Pakistan in March 2020. The Audi e-Tron was the first electric car to ever debut in Pakistan. The car got Pakistanis so excited that its first 50 units were sold even before the car’s official arrival in the country. Audi Pakistan imports the CBU units of this Electric Vehicle (EV) from Germany. This car also made its name because it was the first EV SUV in Pakistan. E-Tron has amazing acceleration due to its amazing Horsepower figure which is 308 for the base and 402 for the top variant. Range is 300 to 436 kilometers. The top speed is 200 km/h. Price Ranges from 17,200,000 to 21,000,000.


One of the first sports activity vehicles with an all-electric powertrain in BMW’s lineup. The iX leads the charge from BMW in the electric crossover market segment. A greater range than ix3 and a higher torque are meant to alleviate your driving experience. Battery Capacity is 71 kWh. 326 Horsepower and the Range is 400 km. The top Speed is 200 km/h. Charging time is 8 hrs and 2 hrs on a fast charger. Price is 26,900,000


The latest all-electric sedans E-Tron GT and RS E-Tron GT were introduced by Audi in the Pakistani market.

The E-Tron series aims to provide a fast, sports car-like experience while keeping the environment clean. The E-Tron GT has been launched worldwide to compete with Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan. It has an amazing battery capacity of 93.4 kWh. Horsepower is 523 for the base variant and 637 for the top variant because it has a very fast acceleration below 5 secs. Range is from 283- 425 km. Charging time is 8 hrs. Price is from 21,150,000-29,600,000


Porsche introduced its all-electric sedan in 2020 to compete with Tesla. This car is imported in Pakistan which makes its total cost 40,000,000. This car is packed with Class, Luxury and Performance. It has amazing features which make it unique from its competitor. It has 617 Horsepower. 0-100 is below 5 secs.

* Please Note Porsche Taycan, Tesla, Mercedes EQS & EQC are not available at any dealerships which means that the buyer has to import them. As we all know Electric Vehicle is still a new thing and to make it common in Pakistan Government should remove any taxes on EVs to promote their sale in Pakistan.


*Shaheer Tirmizi is a Content Intern at Neemopani. He loves to write and is a car enthusiast.

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