Why Can’t We Say NO to Chocolates?

The reason of saying NO to chocolates has been discovered by scientists.

Chocolate is one of the utmost things to which we cannot say NO, this no is explained by the Scientists.

Chocolate is considered among the category of food addiction as chocolates contains both food and fat in it. Even scientist who consider food addiction is not real agree that chocolate craving is real. Chocolate is one of the most commonly craved food. People of any age can never say NO to this sweet addiction. Chocolate cravings can also be induced or enhanced by the senses. When compared to tests with no scent, the odour of chocolate is known to stimulate brain activity and desires.

Scientists have discovered that chocolates generate a positive emotional experience by providing comfort and suppressing the negative emotions.They believe their discoveries might lead to the development of healthier chocolate that tastes just as nice as the normal chocolate. Scientists (University of Leeds) studied the process of eating the dessert and concentrated on texture rather than taste.

They argue that the location of the fat within the chocolate contributes to its smooth and pleasurable texture. The study was directed by Dr. Siavash Soltanahmadi, who believes the findings will lead to the production of a “new generation” of healthier chocolate.

When you put chocolate in your mouth, it creates a fatty layer that makes it feel smooth. It mixes within your mouth by giving you a positive energy.

However, the researchers say that fat deeper inside the chocolate plays a more restricted impact, and so the amount might be lowered without affecting the feel or sense of chocolate.

“Our research offers the prospect that producers might strategically design dark chocolate to minimise the total fat level,” Dr. Soltanahmadi remarked.

Written by Istafa Ali


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