Where Are The Stars Of The Hit Serial “Alpha Bravo Charlie Now”?

alpha bravo charlie

Alpha Bravo Charlie, a serial packed with patriotism, thrill, humor, romance, jealousy and sense of achievement that left the viewers in awe. Shoaib Manzoor did one of his best works with this evergreen serial that conquered the 8pm drama slot and ruled the screens.

Alpha Bravo Charlie is based on the life and times of three characters — Faraz, Kashif, and Gulsher also known as Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie respectively — and their friendship. Shehnaz was another much loved character. Bubbly, kind-hearted and confident, everyone’s favourite and a confidante.

Wondering what the much loved cast in doing in life? Here is the answer to all your questions.

  • Syed Qasim Shah:

sher gul

Syed Qasim Shah famously known by his character Gul Sher was the most innocent and loved character of the drama. He received a lot of love and admiration from the people, but he was never again seen in a theater. He did this because he still wanted to serve in the military. He is currently employed by the IT division after retiring as a colonel.

Recently, Syed Qasim revealed that he was developing a movie. He also shared a photo of himself and Ahad Raza Mir. He is one of the actors on the list who stopped acting but are still visible in some of the roles related to show business and is quite active on social media.

In a show, he discussed how his involvement in Alpha Bravo Charlie continues to win him fans. Syed Qasim does not hesitate to remain a public presence, in contrast to some of the other actors who gave up acting.

  • Abdullah Mehmood:

Alpha Bravo Captain Kashif Kirmani The drama’s Charlie had the most intense emotional arc. After impressing the audience with his performance, he abruptly left the scene.

His son died and the rest of the family suffered serious injuries as a result of a devastating fire that broke out in his family home in 2014. Abdullah Mehmood has made a deliberate effort to avoid the spotlight.

When he was chosen to portray Captain Kashif, he was also a member of the military. It appears that he had different goals and aspirations from many of the other actors on the list, which is why he stopped acting.

  • Faraz Inam:

Faraz Inam played Captain Faraz in Alpha Bravo Charlie and was the most adored character. While the drama was in works, Faraz was doing his MBA from LUMS. After the drama serial ended he too, like all the other characters, vanished from the screens. Most recently, Faraz was seen playing the role of Brigadier Faraz in Ehd-E-Wafa, another project of ISPR.

  • Shahnaz Khawaja:

alpha bravo

In the drama series Alpha Bravo Charlie, Shahnaz Khawaja portrayed Shahnaz. The audience was deeply affected by the part and the performance.Shahnaz, however, only made that one appearance on Pakistani television, and that was it! Despite the actress being adored by the public, she declined to work on any other projects.

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She has, however, served as a model for a number of top global companies throughout the years. She relocated to the US in 1998, marking the beginning of her career there in show business. She then continued her studies in mental health.


Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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