Whatsapp Users can now reverse “delete for me” messages.

Now that WhatsApp has launched a function that enables users to reverse the “delete for me” message, users can breathe a sigh of relief.

now whatsapp users can retrieve deleted messages

Whatsapp Users frequently encounter circumstances when they mistakenly select “delete for me” instead of “delete for everyone,” which can result in awkward situations.

The user will be given a brief window of time to undo “delete for me” if he accidentally deletes a message. Users can quickly retrieve communications they unintentionally erase thanks to this capability.

Will Cathcart, the head of WhatsApp, announced the availability of this functionality on Twitter. In case you accidentally deleted something for just yourself when you meant to delete it for everyone, he added, “We’ve added the option to undo ‘Delete for me’.”

All users have access to the feature. “A snackbar with the “undo” button appears each time you erase a message for you. You have a brief window of time to perform the undo action to recover your accidentally deleted communication if this happened ” said wabetainfo.

The most recent version of the software has the same feature for users of iOS and Android as well as the desktop version.

A new presentation sheet for the view once messages has been added to WhatsApp, according to an earlier announcement from the tracking tool for the messaging service.

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“When you tap the view once icon, the presentation sheet for view once messages appears within the drawing editor. WhatsApp will notify you if this feature is turned on so that the recipient cannot take a screenshot of it. As usual, sharing, forwarding, copying, and saving the view once image and video are not even possible.”

WhatsApp added the capability to hide a user’s profile photo from specific app users in 2022. The website offers users more than just a way to contact their friends and relatives. Some WhatsApp users may feel the need to hide their profile picture because they interact with users they don’t know on the platform. On the platform, you can already conceal your status, last seen, and other personal data.

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