Wasim Badami In Unusual Places

One of the most famous showbiz personalities in Pakistan, a constant source of memes.

Wasim Badami is one of the most famous showbiz personalities in Pakistan. He is the unofficial face of ARY and very well-liked throughout. One very notable thing about the man is the hours that he puts in his work.

Wasim Badami is a constant source of memes in Pakistan, and some of them are as follow:

But all jokes apart, he seems like a very genuine and humble man. One example alone is of his last night’s show – The 11th Hour.most famous showbiz personalities in Pakistan

The foundation of Pakistan is laid upon the inclusion of minorities. When a well-known face appreciates and respects other religions and their members, the idea is always appreciated.

Wasim Badami hosted his show last night at Kartarpura, the most sacrilegious place for the Sikh community. To show his respect, he also wore the orange turban and was very respectable.

WE just love the man!

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