Wahaj Ali’s Emotional Acting has Wowed Fans

‘God created Men then sent Wahaj Ali as an apology’, Fans highly in love with Wahaj Ali’s glorious acting in ‘Muje Pyar Hua Tha.’

Actor Wahaj Ali has once again won hearts of people with his stunning acting skills in his latest drama ‘Muje Pyar Hua Tha.’

Wahaj Ali with expression Queen, Hania Amir performed beautifully in his latest drama serial. People are enthusiastic about the actor, Wahaj, from his expressive eyes to his character choices and line delivery.

Wahaj’s role, Saad, where he elegantly lets go of his love for Maheer (Hania) last night because she didn’t have the same romantic sentiments for him, and that scene was indeed a winner for all show viewers. They not only enjoyed the complete characterization of Saad and the writing but also the way his body language and expressions expressed the selfless love and grief he retained from the tragedy. Adding up to this, fans stated that none other actor is like Wahaj.

Fans stated as, “Mashallah your eyes are so expressive. The song was blending with your emotions and we could feel it. And the sister-brother bond was very beautifully portrayed,” they added.

For another fan, his character was as strong and emotional as Shah Rukh Khan’s Aman in Kal Ho Naa Ho. “After Kal Ho Na Ho, Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha has managed to make me cry my eyes out.

Fans even said that “He doesn’t need a dialogue to express what his character feeling. His eyes will emote all the unsaid emotions.” Certain tweets regarding Wahaj were, “Saad is everything I wanted for a male character. Moreover fans are like, ‘Wahaj Ali has absolutely nailed him and made us feel his pain and emotions as if they are our own.’

People also love this drama because of Kaifi Khalil’s song where Wahaj Ali’s acting is cherry on the top.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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