Rapper Faris Shafi releases a stunning new track with a twist

The song pokes fun at everyone who is preoccupied with maintaining the status quo and their possessions.

Rapper Faris Shafi drops pragmatic new song

With Love, a new song by well-known rapper Faris Shafi, also contains a few truth bombs about everyone who claims to either love or detest him. When it comes to rhythm, the rapper isn’t moving slowly as smooth jazz takes over his most recent tune. The song pokes fun at everyone who is preoccupied with worldly order and financial possessions, while Faris merely muses on how unbothered she is by everyone else’s concerns.

While Faris Shafi at it, he lyrically pokes fun at himself by saying, “You need to explain yourself to me.” He continues by saying, “I’m a mess, but you can’t really tell by the way that I dress,” after discussing the toll life has had on him. The newest work by Faris is a reflection of his most introspective, melancholy, and perhaps saddest ideas. With Love is a personal story in a similar way to Hum, the song he released last year.

The musician’s music has unmistakably become more vulnerable, yet despite all the moping, he has managed to keep his witticisms sharp. He shares, lovingly, “Teray naam pe saat canal hain, mere naam pe saat gunnah hain.”

Faris may be seen wilting away in his despair in the song’s music video while lying in the snow. The rapper is frequently seen in close-ups, but there are also a few photos of him standing still and looking directly into the lens while appearing to address someone. Faris appears distant in a couple still images and montages, which is paradoxical given that he is discussing his most private sentiments.

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The concept is brilliant, and all Faris fans will connect with the song. Many people praised him in the comments when he posted a portion of With Love on Instagram. Meesha Shafi, his sister and a musician, sent a message with the lyrics “Mera fashion… jivay kaday menoo hoi nai sadness” and an accompanying fire emoji.Ā  ā€œYes bro!ā€ cheered actor Adnan Malik. Many are now asking Faris to ā€œDrop an album already!ā€

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Wahaj Aliā€™s Emotional Acting has Wowed Fans

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