The Last of Us: Curse of Video Game into a Series

The widely anticipated adaptation of The Last of Us, which premiered on HBO, was just as wonderful as the reviewers predicted.

The wait is over, ‘The Last of Us’ is finally here, which is a refreshing change to witness video game adaptations that are loyal to the original material, as well as for the show’s writers to recognize how relevant and vital the tale is to its fans.

It is the highest-rated Show ever on IMDB. For fans who really want a thriller series to be portrayed over the screens, The Last of Us is surely one of them. Fans are going crazy over its episode as soon as it came out. It is totally not about retaining the original video game but it is about the original content that came out of the video game into reality. Moreover, the fans really are inspired by the cinematography.

The new HBO series is set mostly in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by fungi-covered, zombie-like humans. Joel Miller (Pascal), is a fierce and grieved middle-aged man whose ruthless survival abilities have made him a trustworthy smuggler in ‘The Last of Us’ terrifying environment. It is at the core of the plot. For most of the first season, the show follows Joel as he attempts to transport a 14-year-old girl called Ellie (Ramsey) across a dangerous, zombie-infested America.

The fans of video games are enjoying every second of the season by comparing it with the video game. The fans have expressed their views has this series has surpassed their expectations.

This series is a must to watch for the ones who are die-hard fans of video games.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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