Two Dams have been Authorised for Garrison City

The building of the Mujahid and Mohata dams has been approved to receive the funding.

Two dams have been authorised for Garrison City
Two dams to be constructed in Garrison City

Due to the severe water deficit and declining groundwater levels in the garrison city, the authorities have given the green light to build two brand-new, cutting-edge dams in the area.

The Annual Development Plan has reportedly authorized money for the building of the Mujahid and Mohata dams. Both dams were approved for development by the Punjab Minor Dams Organisation (ADP).

According to the source, the construction of these two dams in Garrison city would provide clean drinking water for 350,000 people in the suburbs of the Rawalpindi district and will also assist irrigate 13,000 acres of agricultural land.

Both these projects were conceived during the regime of former federal minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan and were later included in the ADP after approval.

Tenders have been issued to award contracts for the construction of both water storage projects.

The Mujahid Dam, to be built in the Chontra area, is expected to cost around Rs 937.73 million, according to reliable sources.

This dam, reports say, would be accompanied by an irrigation system that will bring water to seven thousand acres of land in the huge rural area of Chontra. Water tanks will be constructed so that over 150,000 people in Chontra and the surrounding region have access to clean water.

In 30 months, the Mujahid Dam will be completed.

In contrast, the Mohata Dam, which will be built at an estimated cost of Rs660.23 million, would be located in Raika, a highly populated union council of Rawalpindi District, and will assist irrigate 6,000 acres of agricultural land.

In addition to the irrigation system, sources say that underwater tanks will be built, and drinking water pipelines will be placed beside the dam. According to the reports, the Mohata Dam may be built in an unprecedented 18 months.
For the enjoyment of the locals, amusement parks resembling the Miyawaki forest style will be planted alongside the two dams with fruit and flower plants and dense forest trees.

Fish of various species will be raised in these two dams to attract a variety of waterfowl, and motorboats will be available for recreational use.

The government owns the land where the dams’ catchment regions are, so that’s where they’ll go. Once bids are opened on April 29, the contract for building these dams will be awarded during the first week of May.


Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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