Twitter calls out Shahveer for a Prank with his Wife

A popular YouTuber has joined the TikTok frenzy by posting a video in which he says he is going to “choke” his wife.

shahveer jafry

There’s a fine line between making people laugh and being disrespectful, and last night, actor and YouTuber Shahveer Jafry stepped over it with a video that minimizes domestic abuse. Shahveer has been criticized by Twitter for doing a baseless prank on his wife.

In the video, he is seen “jokingly” choking his sleeping wife before realizing that he has been pressing the pillow on the wrong side of the couch. At the end of the video, Shahveer Jafry gives his wife a peck on the cheek before walking out.

The video has already been removed, but not before numerous people used screen captures to criticize the YouTuber for his “insensitive” viewpoint. He was criticized for following a “foreign trend” without first researching his target market.

Twitter is flooded with serious and bashing tweets regarding the prank shahveer did with his wife.

“People seeing that Shahveer video and saying it’s all good fun and should be taken as dark humor, need to understand Shahveer’s core audience isn’t dark humor enthusiasts or people who even understand it. He’s a person whose videos are sent in WhatsApp family group forwards,” wrote a user, adding how triggering the video can be for actual victims and survivors of domestic violence.

People did not find it funny at all. A user said, ‘41.3k likes on a video in a country where domestic violence is rampant, where women actually get killed by their husbands! My blood is boiling.’

There are a lot of people who are totally against the stunts done by Shahveer.

Talking about the social responsibility of content creators with a mass following, he said, “Sure, there’s demand for these kinds of jokes but if you keep supplying, there can’t be changed. Shahveer is an intelligent person. I hope he feels that he’s much better than this.” Kazi also shared a podcast link to explain why men behold to such kind of humor and opt for violence and fractured masculinity.

Another user tweeted,’ Imagine someone going through domestic violence on daily basis and seeing this can trigger them and will make them feel more helpless.’


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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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