From Kiara to Ainy Jafri: Actresses follow ongoing the Barbie Trend

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The number of people liking Barbie trend has grown all over the world. Even Pakistani and Indian celebs have joined in on the Barbie craze.

The number of people who like Barbie and the Barbie clothes trend has grown all over the world. Even Pakistani and Indian celebs have joined in on the Barbie craze. These stars have jumped on the Barbie-inspired fashion trend, wearing clothes that look like those of the famous doll.

Ainy Jaffri Rehman:

Ainy went to the London opening of Barbie, and her outfit, which was inspired by Barbie, made a strong statement. She looked amazing in a hot pink dress from head to toe and a bright green bag.

Kiara Advani:

Kiara drew attention to herself in a pink costume by Manish Malhotra that she wore with sparkly boots. The way she looked was so beautiful that it put her in the spotlight.

Hania Amir:

The Mere Humsafar star is the only one who could play Barbie. Hania looked like a real-life Barbie in a hot pink top with a bow, pearls, and heels that were the same color. She made a joke about being a Barbie in an Oppenheimer world in her Instagram bio, and we kind of agree!

Ananya Panday:

Even though Beyonce doesn’t like the star very much, Ananya doesn’t mess around when it comes to Barbie. The star played up her Barbie side by wearing a pink bodycon dress, pink nail polish, and matching makeup.

Nadia Khan:

Nadia not only wore a bright hot pink shirt to honor Barbie, but she also made a makeup lesson based on the famous doll. That’s hard work!

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As Barbie fever grows and the movie’s release date gets closer, you can bet that more and more of these looks will start to show up soon. It’s about time the world accepted pink in all its beauty, and we can thank the cast of Barbie, especially Margot Robbie, who has been giving Barbie at every promotional event.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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