Top 5 Interesting Facts about Pakistan’s Independence Day

Top 5 Interesting Facts about Pakistan’s Independence Day
Top 5 Interesting Facts about Pakistan’s Independence Day

14th August is one of the most important days in the history of Pakistan. It was the day when Pakistan was declared as an independent state, and Muslims of subcontinent acquired a separate place that they could call their home. The separation of West and Eastern parts was the result of the All India Muslim League, presided over by the nation’s leader, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Now, on every 14th August, the Independence Day is commemorated and the celebrations are done to remember the struggles of our ancestors. Considering how sacred the day in the history of Pakistan, there are many interesting facts about 14th August that most of us don’t know.

The article will focus on top 5 most interesting facts about Pakistan’s Independence Day. Given below is the list.

  1. The Original Independence Day was 15th August

It might come as a surprise for many, considering the date of 15th August is usually reserved for Indians, not Pakistanis. However, the original transfer of power was done during the midnight, between 14th and 15th. In fact, till 1948, Pakistanis celebrated their Independence Day as 15th of the August. It wasn’t until 1948 when Pakistan’s Independence Day was shifted back to 14th August.


  1. Pakistan Shifted to 14th August Due to Several Reasons

Pakistanis celebrated 15th August for two years as their Independence Day. However, due to several reasons, the celebrations were shifted to a day before for several reasons. Chief among those reasons was to set a distinction between Indian Independence Day and Pakistan’s Independence Day. Another prime reason was because it was 27th Ramadan on 14th August, 1947. Therefore, Pakistanis considered it a sacred date, and wanted to celebrate their Independence Day on a sacred Islamic day.


  1. First National Name of Pakistan

The first national name of Pakistan was, “Dominion of Pakistan.” It didn’t explicitly mention its Islamic alignment before. However, after Muhammad Ali Jinnah addressed the people, he declared that the state was “Islamic Republic of Pakistan.”



  1. First Head of the State was Non-Pakistani

One would think that the first Head of the State of the state of Pakistan would be a Muslim, and not a British official. However, due to lack of the resources, the title went to George VI Albert Fredrick Arthur George.


  1. Shocking Similarity with Israel

Some of you would be shocked at the similarities Pakistan shares with Israel. Both were independent states that were formed as a way to secure a separate homeland for religious minorities (Muslims were a minority in the entire subcontinent). The national identities of both countries were forged on the religious basis, and both share the same year of independence. Another striking similarity is the violent circumstances that followed the independence of both states.


Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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