The Arrest of Imran Khan has Triggered Nationwide Protests!

Senior Vice President of the Party Fawad Chaudhry tweeted to party members to “come out of home” in protest of Imran Khan’s imprisonment.

The Arrest of Imran Khan has triggered Nationwide protests!
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Protests have broken out all throughout the nation as a result of the arrest of Imran Khan. Supporters of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) have voiced their displeasure over the detention of their chairman. Following the arrest, nationwide protests and the ensuing violence caused by confrontation between the police and PTI workers have caused a lot of disruptions for the people.

In Pakistan, a group of PTI demonstrators was responsible for setting fire to the Sixth Road town metro terminus. The event was recorded on camera, and the video of the flames rising from the airport rapidly went viral on social media. Footage of police firing water cannons at peaceful demonstrations and shelling protesters has also been shared widely on social media. At least one PTI worker has been killed and six have been injured in the violence.

After the arrest of Imran Khan, Senior Vice President of the Party Fawad Chaudhry tweeted to party members to “come out of home” in protest of Imran Khan’s imprisonment..

He said that the Islamabad High Court had been targeted and compared the detention of Imran Khan to “arresting the judiciary.”
Dr. Yasmin Rashid, a former minister, sent a message to the party members asking them to meet in Liberty Market in Lahore.

According to the reports, the police have detained about 20 PTI workers for demonstrating in violation of Section 144 on the Srinagar Highway.

Protests and road blockages have also stopped traffic on the Kashmir Highway. According to reports, confrontations between police and the protestors have disrupted business activity in many cities throughout the nation. In the city of Peshawar, the police have been put on high alert, and an emergency meeting has been conducted, with the SSP Operations taking the chair.

Workers affiliated with PTI arrived in Peshawar’s Hashtnagri Chowk and blocked the route as a protest. A demonstration of PTI workers also protested on GT Road.

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