Andrew Tate speaks in Favour of Imran Khan

By saying, “All the good guys go to jail,” the influential person has come out in support of Imran Khan.

Image by Reuters

Among many who have been upset about the arrest of Imran Khan, Andrew Tate also found it unfair. Paramilitary officers have taken former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan into custody outside the High Court in Islamabad. Khan had to appear in court on politically orchestrated corruption allegations. After entering the court complex, he was reportedly captured by soldiers in armored personnel vehicles.

In response to Khan’s detention, several well-known Pakistanis have spoken out in his defense. Given the worldwide nature of the issue, however, this unusual crossing has occurred. Andrew Tate has publicly supported Khan through Twitter.

Andrew Tate said in response to a tweet reporting the news saying about particularly Imran Khan, “All the good guys go to jail.”

Many others stepped forward to back Tate’s comments, and in doing so, they unwittingly defended Pakistan’s ex-prime minister. One user wrote, “The matrix wants everyone with influence jailed.”

Tate was caught in Romania on charges of human trafficking, rape, and making an organized criminal group, according to The New York Times. Tate used to be a skilled kickboxer and was well-known online. Along with his brother Tristan and two women from Romania, he was put in jail. They were let out of jail and told to stay at home while the probe goes on.

Tate is accused of pushing views that are bad for women, making insulting comments about women, and making men look like they are victims of feminism and false rape claims. He has said that the claims are false.


Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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