‘Tere Bin’: Another Hit Drama Starring Wahaj Ali

Scenery, direction, dialogue, and character development all contribute to “Tere Bin’s” worth as a drama.

Tere Bin
Tere Bin

This year Pakistani dramas are going at the top list. Among these, another drama that crossed everyone’s heart is ‘Tere Bin’ starring everyone’s favorite Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi.

Recently, this drama has been dominating the spotlight, consistently topping YouTube’s weekly charts. The storyline of the drama is fascinating to both younger and older viewers because it feels larger than life on television.

Twitter is lauded with love and praise by its fans. This drama ‘Tere Bin’ is based upon Wahaj and Yumna’s no-so- but romantic love story. Wahaj as Murtasim is Yumna’s Husband and girls are drolling over him and his acting skills.

Not only Tere Bin is a hit in Pakistan but it is loved by all across the border as well. Keeping in mind its global appeal, it is safe to say that it has hit a chord with the audience.



The episode of ‘Tere Bin’ that was screened on Thursday, 2nd February is all you are missing to watch. Wahaj is becoming everyone’s favorite with the passing of time.

Wahaj is becoming everyone’s favorite by just the passing day.


It’s just like the Romeo and Juliet story becoming so real.


Arrange marriages can be so beautiful we never knew.


Fans have given 2023 to Wahaj Ali.



Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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