Brace Yourselves, You all Tea Lovers

Since Pakistan is about to experience a tea shortage, tea drinkers everywhere need to open their hearts and minds.  So meanwhile, grab some green tea.

Tea lovers to face shortage
Tea lovers to face shortage

Despite the permission granted by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) to clear the containers at the port of raw materials and essential goods, thousands of containers, including hundreds of containers of tea, remain stranded.

The main reason for the expected shortage is the 250 tea containers at the ports till now, as reported by the reporters.

Although Chapters 84, 85, and 87 of the State Bank’s regulations permit the import of containers, it is unclear whether or not tea leaf is included, he said.
Paracha stated that the leaf sellers are not allowing late payment, despite the fact that the State Bank released containers on late payment after 180 days due to protests from traders.
This has raised concerns that sellers might stop accepting orders in the future.

It has cost importers millions of rupees in various uses and container fares because there are no dollars available in commercial banks.
He insisted that the government’s lack of a long-term policy was a major contributor to the shortage.
Paracha, a member of the Committee elaborated by saying that tea is something used by every common man. This shortage is something that we, Pakistanis would not be able to absorb.

As the rupee has dropped in value over the past week, the price of tea has fluctuated by an average of Rs110 per kilogram. He warned that supply chain disruptions could occur in the absence of a firm stance on new imports.

So in this situation let’s just switch ourselves to green tea over some time, which once again is a very difficult thing to do for crazy tea lovers.

Neemos are with you in case we needed to face a tea shortage. Good Luck!

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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