Technology making Pakistani millionaires

Technology is bridging the divide and giving young people from underprivileged areas of society the ability to forge better lives for themselves and often helping them in becoming ‘Pakistani millionaires’

Technology is helping disadvantaged youth become "Pakistani millionaires."

Technology is bridging the divide and giving young people from underprivileged areas of society the ability to forge better lives for themselves and often helping them in becoming ‘Pakistani millionaires’. These young people are receiving tools and training from innovative solutions that will help them overcome obstacles and create a better future.

Have you ever considered the possibility that the child who seems to be sleeping off at the back of the classroom is really worth millions? That is, in fact, what is occurring in Pakistan at the moment.

The CEO of Si Global, Noman Ahmed, claims that Pakistan is seeing a millionaire boom as a result of technological advancements. Despite its lack of technical innovation, Pakistan is experiencing a rise in the number of new Pakistani millionaires. There are several reasons at work, but one of the most significant is the rise in the proportion of Pakistanis working in the computer industry.

Ehsan Saya, managing director of Daraz Pakistan, told the Express Tribune that he thought one of the biggest equalisers in today’s internet prospects was e-commerce. “You don’t need a lot of money to sell online. You need a phone or computer, internet connectivity, and a lot of grit, integrity, determination, and hustle. In these trying circumstances, people now have a realistic option in the form of online employment and enterprises. Many young, educated, and tech-savvy people in Pakistan are increasingly using their knowledge and abilities to work remotely as freelancers or operate their own internet enterprises. This gives people the opportunity to work from the comfort of their homes, on the hours that work for them, he added.

Approximately 100,000 vendors from all across Pakistan are now registered on the site. According to him, vendors’ average income has climbed by 70% over the last three years. Numerous causes, such as the growing use of cellphones and the internet, might be blamed for this.

The CEO of Si Global said, “And what’s even more astounding is that this money is being created from some of the poorest sections of the nation. For instance, Hyderabad has experienced a rise in the number of billionaires, many of whom come from conventional occupations like farming and raising cattle. Similar to this, Lahore has also had a rise in new business owners, many of whom are self-made millionaires, according to him.

The younger generation is making data-driven choices to boost sales because they see the advantages of online sales, such as the capacity to contact clients in any location in Pakistan. The biggest advantage of working online is how simple it is to upskill or acquire new skills thanks to the wealth of Internet resources and in becoming them becoming Pakistani millionaires.

Daraz University was established in 2018 to provide entrepreneurial education across Pakistan, seeing the potential of the country’s youthful population. The online university provides courses that instruct merchants on each stage of company setup. Approximately 5,000 salespeople get education each month.

The development of tech-savvy billionaires who come from underprivileged areas of society has the potential to change the political landscape of the nation. Their involvement in politics might result in good change and liberate the nation from the control of a tiny elite class if they are relieved of the pressure of meeting fundamental requirements, such as putting food on the table.

“To begin with, it’s critical to recognise that technology is not a cure-all. Undoubtedly, it can aid in activities like transportation and communication. However, it’s also critical to keep in mind that technology doesn’t always perform as intended, according to Ahmed. There are hiccups, malfunctions, and times when individuals just can’t afford to keep up with the newest and finest technology.

There are still numerous sections of Pakistan that lack internet and technological access, especially rural areas. Many people also lack the knowledge and training necessary to seize these chances.

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Government and business organisations must collaborate to invest in technology, provide access to it, and teach people who wish to take advantage of these possibilities in order to solve these difficulties. Pakistan’s economy will expand more rapidly as more and more people move into the middle class, according to the CEO of Si Global.

Written by Istafa Ali


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