Komal Rizvi had Her Dreamy Wedding with S. Ali Uppal

Pictures from Komal Rizvi’s picture-perfect Barat ceremony have gone popular on the internet.

Komal Rizvi ties the knot with US-based tech tycoon
Komal Rizvi had her wonderful wedding and captured beautiful moments with her husband

In a small ceremony performed in the United States, Pakistani actress, singer, and TV personality Komal Rizvi weds American tech mogul S. Ali Uppal. Komal Rizvi had a wonderful wedding and her pictures say a lot about it.

The Hawaayen actor posted a photo dump of himself and his new wife after the wedding, satisfying fans’ insatiable appetite for photos from the star’s intimate nuptials.

Rizvi’s photo provides a look inside the exclusive event, which was only open to family and friends. The couple looked very cute as the bride wore a classic red wedding gown and the groom wore a traditional white sherwani.

With the description “With a heart overwhelmed with gratitude, love, joy, and humility…” she shared an emotional video clip from the ceremony on social media. I’d want to say how grateful I am to have had these incredible experiences, which I will never forget and will hold dear to my heart forever. Alhamdulillah”.

On the day of their wedding, the pair dressed to their absolute best and looked absolutely lovely. For this special event, Komal wore a crimson Eastern-style gown that was typical.

Rizvi manages to escape an abusive marriage, in case anyone was unaware of this fact. She disclosed, in the course of narrating her trauma on a podcast, that her former spouse had been abusive to her during their marriage. Komal Rizvi and her wedding pictures

The vocalist that appeared on Coke Studio was originally from Karachi. She began her career as an artist when she was a youngster, and she made her debut as an actress in a television serial back in the 1990s. Rizvi shot to stardom thanks to her singing and her hosting of various different television series. Additionally, she has published a number of albums, some of which are Komal and Romeo.

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