‘Sadaa Bahar’- an Ode to Beautiful Ladies by Aroma Teas & Coffee

Aroma Teas & Coffee recently held an all-women event called “Sadaa Bahar” to honour ladies. The event was sponsored by QuickLPG App and managed by Neemopani.

Sadaa Bahar

In its objective to empower women, Neemopani provided a platform to enable them to express themselves. Keeping its vision of empowering women in Pakistan, Neemopani provided them with a platform ‘Sadaa Bahar’ where they can express themselves and continue doing the work that they are doing.

It was intended to encourage ladies to take some time away from their hectic routines and reflect on their own lives and their achievements. The event’s Chief guest was the spouse of Egypt’s Ambassador to Pakistan, H.E. Aliaa Sarwat Mustafa Al Serafi.

Sadaa Bahar
C.E.O. Unity Exploration Max Shaw, H.E. Mrs. Aliaa Sarwat Mustafa Al Serafi, Mrs. Roohi Shah Founder of Quick Action Foundation.

Mrs. Roohi Shah, philanthropist and founder of the Quick Action Foundation, conceptualised the event. Her NGO, Quick Action Foundation, is committed to improving people’s lives and empowering the underprivileged via programmes that help them regain their self-esteem and financial security.

During the session, women from all walks of life engaged in the conversation and shared their own narratives. They told their experiences and how they overcame obstacles that kept them from going forward in life. True-life stories of courage and sagacity enthralled the crowd. They candidly highlighted the misogynist and patriarchal culture prevalent in Pakistan and how it hinders their progress. The guests also sang songs that they believe reflect their life.

Mrs. Roohi Shah thanked the participants who joined the conversation and made the event successful. ‘The stories we heard today inspire a feeling of accomplishment and bravery in all of us,’ she remarked. The goal of this event is to rekindle feminine discussions and break down gender stereotypes. Women form communities, and we need empowered women to influence our societies. When women share their experiences in such forums, it enables others to find courage in themselves.’

Sadaa Bahar

Speaking at the event, Sadaa Bahar, the chief guest, H.E. Aliaa Sarwat Mustafa Al Serafi, the spouse of the Egyptian Ambassador to Pakistan, highlighted the importance of self-awareness. She said, When she visits Pakistan, she feels at home. Emphasizing the need to become green, she added,’ it is time to ponder on the green colour of Pakistan and truly make efforts to make Pakistan green as a part of climate change. “Going green helps everyone since it saves money, time, and resources, enabling us to live more fully while also ensuring future generations have access to clean air and water.”

Women are a significant part of life since they shape the whole society. According to the World Economic Forum’s latest ‘Global Gender Gap Report, 2022,’ Pakistan is rated 145th out of 146 nations on the index, performing marginally better than Afghanistan. The study assesses the magnitude of the gender gap in categories such as education, economic engagement, health, and political empowerment. Pakistan’s second-to-last ranking comes as no surprise, at least not to the country’s women.

Sadaa Bahar was a tribute to the ladies who have many inspiring tales from their lives but lack the vessel to communicate them. The gathering allowed them to come out of their houses and share their stories with other women, giving them the strength they needed to confront any challenge.

Their participation in the event and dissenting stories of resilience were the main themes that Mrs. Roohi Shah tried to invoke. It was an attempt to take women out of their mundane lives and empower them to make their own space in a masculine society.

Sadaa Bahar concluded with the distribution of goodies by the QuickLPG app and Neemopani, followed by the exquisite Egyptian delicacies exclusively made the Chef Jamal who was accompanied by H.E. Mrs. Aliaa Sarwat Mustafa Al Serafi. We hope that the Quick Action Foundation and Aroma Teas & Coffee will continue to host events that allow women to share their courageous experiences.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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