Ronaldo living with his Girlfriend despite KSA’s Laws!

Despite the country’s rigorous marital regulations, Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo are said to be living together in Saudi Arabia.

Georgina and Ronaldo will be living together in Saudi Arabia despite their strict laws and policies.

KSA’s laws is known to the world wide for their strict policy guidelines. For decades, expats have lived and worked in Saudi Arabia. Despite being the world’s largest producer, the Kingdom is diversifying its economy, creating a plethora of job prospects in the region. While all of these developments are beneficial to expats residing in or contemplating migrating to Saudi Arabia, there are still some regulations and guidelines to be aware of.

As the football hero was signed by Al-Nassr, on a lucrative contract for £ 173 million per season, Ronaldo was named the club’s player earlier this week. His six-year partner and children were also present at the time. Among the excitement, supporters were more concerned about the rules, fearing that the pair would be unable to live together.

According to Sport, Ronaldo and Georgina will be permitted to live together. As, the two Saudi Arabia attorneys anticipated that the authorities would not intervene. Although the rules still ban cohabitation without a marriage contract, officials have begun to turn a blind eye and do not prosecute anyone.

One of the sources claimed that of course, these rules are applied when there is an issue or a crime. Another source stated that, today, the Saudi Arabian authorities do not intervene in this situation (in the case of foreigners), but the law remains to ban cohabitation outside of marriage,” another stated.

Moreover, Georgina Rodriguez will reportedly be required to adhere to a tight dress code after her boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo signed a contract with Saudi Arabia’s Al-Nassr. Simply put, the ladylove of a great football hero will be prohibited from revealing too much flesh while in the nation.

Looking over these laws which KSA amended for these foreigners, would they continue to do so in future?


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