PIMS Faculty Accused of Misbehaving and Refuses to take Action!

PIMS is accused of engaging in inappropriate behaviour with a woman and a member of her family. The authority will not take any form of action against it, and they have stated their refusal.

PIMS faculty accused of misbehaving, authority refuses to take action
PIMS faculty accused of misbehaving, authority refuses to take action

PIMS faculty accused of misbehaving with a girl and her family members. The Authority of PIMS refuses to take action against this behavior.

Not only did the guards at PIMS hospital assault patients and their relatives, but they also tormented the female patients. The administration became a quiet spectator in response to the demand made by the victims that the higher authorities pay attention to their situation.

The girl persisted in pleading with the authority to submit the report, but the authority did not make their ears perk up to her pleading. They categorically declined to engage in any form of confrontation with their security personnel or any other individual. The people are triggered and have claimed their comments on social media.

This is not something that is new. Patients routinely sexually assault female medical professionals working at public hospitals. Every day, people verbally threaten and physically assault the male medical professionals who treat them. Yet, I think the one negative aspect of this country is its publicly funded hospitals.
The phenomenon of telling only one side of a story is mostly limited to social media.
But it does sting to watch hospitals and their understaffed, underpaid, and overworked employees being criticized on social media. This is something that should not be happening.

This behavior by the PIMS institute basically PIMS faculty is a very big shame for the government hospitals.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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