Pakistani Woman Weightlifter Wins Silver Medal

Pakistan’s Rabia Shahzad sets record at World Powerlifting Championship 2022. She won a silver medal in the World Powerlifting Championship in Slovakia. Previously in 2019 she had won gold medal in Hampshire Weightlifting Championship.

When it’s about making Pakistan proud females are no less than males, they have been working hard to keep our country’s name in the good books of the world and give the acknowledgement it deserves among the crowd.

Rabia Shazad, the country’s prominent weightlifter, competed in 52kg class of the event. She fell just behind the gold medalist from Ukraine to manage the silver medal. She lifted a total of 267.5kg to not only get her hands on the second position but also set a national record. After winning silver and setting a national record, Rabia shared her feelings. “I am happy to win silver medal in an international event. My aim was to set a national record to prove myself,” she said. Rabia said she went to participate in the event on self-finance. “I didn’t take any support for this participation. I came here to set a national record,” she maintained.

In 2019 Gold medal in Hampshire weight lifting championship. . The competition was held on basis of Sinclair point where Shahzad outshined 8 other weightlifters to win the gold medal with 144.48 Sinclair points.

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Rabia suggested that the Pakistan Sports Board and the Pakistan Olympic Association investigate the federation’s operations. It should be noted that Rabia Shehzad is the sister of Olympian and national badminton champion Mahoor Shehzad.

We Pakistanis are proud of the achievement of Rabia Shazad and wish her many more in future.

Written by Istafa Ali


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