Pakistani climate activist Aiysha Siddiqa named Women of the Year 2023

Pakistani climate activist Aiysha Siddiqa was named a Time woman of the year on Friday.

Pakistani climate defender Ayisha Siddiqa named Women of the Year 2023

Pakistani climate activist Aiysha Siddiqa was named a Time woman of the year on Friday.

In its 2023 list, Time included significant women from Mexico, Iran, Brazil, Ukraine, and Pakistan in politics, human rights, and the arts.

After experiencing climate change, Siddiqa, from a tribal village in Northern Pakistan, became a climate and human rights activist. She realised her surroundings were unsafe at 14.

Pakistani climate activist Aiysha Siddiqa Siddiqa is powerful. She also spoke her poem “So much about your sustainability, my people are dying” during COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, last year.

She began her activism at 16 as a climate sustainability worker, focusing on the least-income nations who are suffering the most from climate change for 24 years.

She co-founded “Polluters out” and “Fossil free university” in 2020.

She told the magazine: “I was taught Earth is alive. You owe her life. We’re disregarding mother earth’s screams. The same mechanisms that abuse, harm, and take without permission relate the climate disaster to women and girls.”

“We abuse Earth. We regard life this way “she said.

Polluted water caused Siddiqa to lose family members over a decade. She also suggested examining why individuals are murdered for resources.

“Human rights abuses startled me. Climate defenders and others seeking clean air and water face violence “Climate defenders noted.

The activist stressed last year’s Pakistani flooding: “Climate change disproportionately impacts South Asian women. Women must obtain water, raise children, and work when relocated. We didn’t have enough haemoglobin to rescue August’s 60,000 pregnant ladies.”

She said several moms died during childbirth. She stated we see the climate catastrophe from the global north.

Siddiqa also argued that unstable governments don’t operate well, therefore citizens can’t push them to reduce climate pollution.

“Dynamic solutions are needed. Most climate change victims live in unstable nations.

“This is what we have to critically apply as part of the equation when we think about climate solutions, legal solutions, economic and technological solutions,” Siddiqa said.

She advised speed.

Pakistani climate activists stated the global north would collapse if naturally resourced regions cannot provide raw materials to industrialized countries.

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“Climate disaster tells us we’re in this together. Consider this a worldwide catastrophe. No more individualism. She declared it ineffective.

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