New Zamzam Bottles Unveiled by Saudi’s

At the launch event for the new Zamzam bottles, the Chief of the General Presidency for Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques, Abdul Rahman Al Sudais, was present.

Saudi introduces new Zamzam bottles
Saudi introduces new Zamzam bottles

A little less than a month before the beginning of Ramadan, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia presented redesigned bottles of the Islamic holy water Zamzam.

The packs were introduced during a ceremony that was attended by senior officials from the state agency that is in charge of the Grand Mosque in Makkah and the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. The ceremony was presided over by Abdul Rahman Al Sudais, the Chief of the General Presidency for Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques.

The Zamzam packets are delivered to worshippers at the Grand Mosque, which is home to the Holy Kaaba. This is done by an ad-hoc department located within the sacred site.

In his speech, Al Sudais emphasized how critical it was to take appropriate safety measures before and during the distribution of water bottles.

The official was reported in a statement that was distributed by the president as stating that the service offered should be commensurate with the “worth of this blessed water” and the strong interest exhibited by the Saudi government in servicing both mosques and worshippers.

Zamzam is also made available to worshippers at the Grand Mosque by means of containers, mobile bags, and smart carts. According to authorities, these items are cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis in accordance with the hygiene regulations that are in place.

As part of the preventative measures taken against COVID-19 during the Hajj pilgrimage that took place the year before, robots were utilized to distribute Zamzam bottles within the holy site.

The holy month of Ramadan, which will begin at the end of the next month this year, falls with what is traditionally the busiest time of year for minor pilgrimages known as Umrah to the Grand Mosque.

In addition, Zamzam is well-liked among non-Muslim pilgrims, many of whom buy it to give as a present to their families and friends once they have returned home.

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