Hadiqa Kiani Finishes Houses for Flood Victims

Hadiqa Kiani, a singer and performer, launched the charity campaign Vaseela-e-Raah a few months ago to help those in Pakistan who were impacted by the disastrous floods.

Hadiqa Kiani provides humanitarian aid to Flood Affectees
Hadiqa Kiani provides humanitarian aid to Flood Affectees

Hadiqa Kiani, a singer, actor, and humanitarian, launched a relief effort called Vaseela-e-Raah a few months ago in order to provide assistance to the people in Pakistan, particularly Balochistan who were impacted by the disastrous floods the country experienced.

According to the fundraising profile of Vaseela-e-Raah on GoFundMe, the donation campaign, organized by Shanzeh Aslam, the singer’s niece, aims to “collect funds for Hadiqa Kiani’s campaign to aid Pakistani flood victims. The mission is to collect $200,000 and build 200 sustainable homes for victims in Balochistan and expand efforts from there to the other cities adopted.” For now, 100 houses are completed.

Hadiqa Kiani made the announcement today on the Instagram page of Vaseela-e-Raah that she has successfully finished the construction of one hundred homes in the Balochistan region. She expressed her gratitude by writing, “Very glad that with the support of the people who trusted our campaign of Vaseela-e-Raah, we are able to construct 100 dwellings in Tehsil Tamboo District Nasirabad Balochistan.”

In October 2022, Kiani highlighted her experience of having visited districts that had been affected by flooding. She emphasized, “At this moment, we need to focus on development and reconstruction.” They do not have a place to take refuge at the moment, winter is drawing near, and the water is not moving. If there are individuals who can go on the ground and draw out the water in any way, they really ought to do that because it is causing the spread of a great deal of sickness.

The actress who played Dobara also mentioned that the cast was “sleeping peacefully in our beds, having dinner and lunch, and doing everything.” That has no bearing on us in any way. But at the moment, those people don’t even have roofs over their heads. The children are battling diseases — skin infections and stomach infections — and the horrors that I’ve seen with my own eyes are things that I just cannot convey.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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