Netflix will begin cracking down on password sharing in March

Netflix will reportedly no longer allow users to share passwords for free starting March

netflix crackdown on password sharing

According to CBS News, Netflix revealed in a shareholder letter last week that a crackdown on password sharing might begin by the end of March.

The crackdown on password sharing will begin ‘later in the first quarter,’ according to the streaming giant. However, no specific date for the crackdown has been provided.

It has been claimed that beginning in the month of March, Netflix would no longer let customers to exchange passwords for free.
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The 24th of January, 2023
According to reports, Netflix will start cracking down on the sharing of passwords in March.
CBS News claimed that in a shareholder letter sent out the week before, Netflix acknowledged that a crackdown on the sharing of passwords might begin as early as the month of March’s conclusion.

The massive streaming service said that a crackdown on users exchanging passwords will begin “later in quarter 1.” On the other hand, there is no mention of a particular time frame for the crackdown.

“While our rules of use restrict the usage of Netflix to a household, we acknowledge this is a shift for users who share their account more widely,” Netflix stated in a statement.

“As a result, we’ve put in a lot of effort to develop additional new features that enhance the Netflix experience. These new features include the capability for users to monitor which devices are using their account as well as the capability to move a profile to a new account.”

In October of the previous year, Netflix made public its intention to begin charging users a fee to share accounts. Around the same time, the firm also introduced a lower-priced plan that was funded by advertisements.

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In the meanwhile, the firm said that 2022 would be a “difficult” year as Netflix saw its first loss of subscribers in more than a decade.




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