Nadia Explains the Growing Trend of Divorce Rate

Nadia Khan recently discussed her opinion on the rising frequency of divorce in modern society.

Increasing divorce rate
Increasing divorce rate

Nadia Khan, a former performer turned talk show presenter, addressed the topic of marriage dissolution earlier this month. In a podcast with Hafiz Ahmed, she talked in depth about this topic and pointed out that women today have more financial freedom than ever before.

She says that people these days are really disloyal, in my opinion. Back in the 1990s, it was a major headache for a male to even initiate contact with a woman. Such is approaching a woman and giving out one’s phone number in the hopes that she may contact you. Because of the increased opportunities for interaction between males and females, many modern spouses no longer value the opinions of their wives at home. It’s tiring for her to take care of the kids and the house, and the kids think it’s dull since she’s usually at home.

Nadia even said that it was easier for men nowadays to cheat on their wives and fulfill their temptations. There are houses, apartments, dating spots, and even online applications that have made it much easier. Nadia went on to say that generation Z lacks morale.

Even she said that she personally knows a few women who are involved in this. Married women are more involved with married men. With separate marriages and lying behind each other’s backs, how can couples even do that? Nadia said she gets extremely unhappy upon hearing such news, and there must be a limit to this.

In her words, “To me, it’s the women’s fault that they choose to interact with males who are already married.” Obviously, you shouldn’t go there if you have any idea that someone is committed. However, flirting has become less of a challenge for males. She said, “Easy access to sinful behaviors is a natural consequence of a permissive culture, in my opinion.”

She concluded by saying that divorce rates are so high in part because modern women are able to support themselves financially. Once upon a time, a woman contemplating divorce faced many obstacles and was reliant on the males in her family, but in today’s society, a woman who wants to leave her partner may do so and take care of herself.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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