Meesha Shafi Confesses Giving false Statements

Meesha Shafi claims that she does not recall taking the photo with Ali Zafar.

Meesha Shafi says she doesn't remember posting a picture with Ali Zafar
Meesha Shafi says she doesn't remember posting a picture with Ali Zafar

During the resumption of the defamation case against Ali Zafar in a Lahore sessions court, singer Meesha Shafi stated, while being cross-examined via video link by Ali Zafar’s lawyers, that she did not remember uploading a picture of her and the actor-cum-singer during the event when the alleged harassment took place. She was shown the picture as evidence.

Ali Zafar’ The attorney also questioned her over her claim that the court had never summoned her in the past, which Shafi admitted was a “slip of the tongue.” The attorney continued to question her regarding this claim.

Meesha Shafi claimed that whatever she said was just a slip of tongue. People upon which are amazed at her answer.

Meesha Shafi refused to remember the picture with Ali Zafar.

The trial finally continued in a Lahore sessions court, and the female vocalist was cross-examined via video link. Likewise, Zafar was present in court for the whole of the proceeding. Attorney Tariq Gul, who represented the petitioner, questioned Shafi about the sexual harassment facts she presented in court. The female singer had posted a picture of the two of them on Facebook.

The female singer posted it herself, therefore Zafar’s lawyer argued that it couldn’t constitute sexual harassment as she claimed.

In response, Meesha stated that she could not recall the incident and that she would need to view the photo before making any additional remarks.


This case was filed by Meesha Shafi a long time ago where she put false allegations against Ali Zafar.

The court has issued an order stating that Meesha Shafi will continue to be subjected to cross-examination on March 1.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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