Ali Zafar’s new look gets a Variety of Reviews

Twitter users had a range of reactions and comments on Ali Zafar’s new appearance for the Hum Award show.

Ali Zafar's New gothic Look
Ali Zafar's New gothic Look

Ali Zafar, a well-known musician, and performer have recently changed his appearance in a way that has stunned his admirers. His brand-new gothic appearance is there for all of us to see as a representation of the shift that has taken place in him. Ali Zafar’s new look has gathered everyone’s attention on social media and some did like him as well and some didn’t.

A few days back Daniyal Zafar, changed his look and dyed his hair purple. He did get hate comments from his followers on social media. Upon this, Ali Zafar, the actor who played Teefa in Trouble then gave the order to his younger brother to wear a “fuchsia-colored blazer” with his “pink” hair dye when he directed the subsequent filming of Teefa in Trouble. He instructed in the note to have “long pink hair with a fuchsia colored jacket, and a clean-shaven face” for the next session.

Ali drew a close to his tale by acknowledging the members of Generation Z and informing them that they had the authority to decide how they see themselves. He repeated, “Who is Gen Z?” over and over again.

Ali Zafar did get different reviews for his new look on Twitter.


By some followers, Ali Zafar’s new look is destroying the culture of our society.

Some did praise him irrespective of how he looked and are happy with his performances.



Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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