McDonald’s Fry-tening Shortage of Potatoes

Some of us are so dedicated and crazy about fries that we consider them the main course and the burgers or anything else really as the side dish.

A packet of french fries sit on a tray in this arranged photograph at a McDonald's restaurant, operated by McDonald's Holdings Co. Japan Ltd., in Tokyo, Japan, on Wednesday, Jan.7, 2015. McDonald's Corp.'s Japan business and Cargill Inc. are investigating complaints objects were found in chicken nuggets made by a Cargill factory in Thailand, the restaurant chainâs second food safety crisis in six months. Photographer: Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Nothing speaks the end of the world like the terrifying shortage of fries with burgers. What is the world coming to if a man cannot enjoy his greasing cholesterol-enhancing oily fries?!

Fries are not just some potatoes cut into different shapes and sizes, cooked in oil but are quite simply the love of our lives. Some of us are so dedicated and crazy about fries that we consider them the main course and the burgers or anything else really as the side dish.

What you are reading is actually the truth. KFC and McDonald’s are facing end-of-the-world shortening of potato supplies in many countries. The situation is worse than we thought. At first, we got wind of this shortening of fries in Japan in December 2021. Though Japan tried its best to place the blame on the pandemic, and the delay of potato supplies from Canada, we got a glimpse of what was inevitable.

Only two weeks ago, fries’ lovers in Indonesia got their New Year’s gift from the food outlets. McDonald’s in Indonesia dropped the bomb on overweight fans nearly two weeks ago. In an Insta post, McDonald’s declared that they were generously turning their large fries into medium-sized sacri-fries. This came as a surprise to those people who healthily binge on the oily food this outlet offers. The fans were rightfully shocked, as we can expect them to be. Some of them expressed their wish for the rightful protest against this terrible decision.

Very soon the neighbor of Indonesia, Malaysia followed suit and dropped the news in the most terrifying manner i.e. making it sound like a joke because everything that is told as a joke is funny, no matter what kind of news they are telling you. A similar shortage occurred in Taiwan when McDonald’s there announced the end of the world by removing the hash browns from their menu during the second week of January this year. Considering how 2022 greeted potato lovers during its first month, we can bet this year is evil for potatoes. Maybe we will get zombie potatoes in December…

McDonald’s wasn’t the only outlet affected by the evil January of 2022. The year unleashed its horror on KFC, who then unleashed that horror on their foodies. KFC in Kenya ran out of potatoes and dropped the bomb through a tweet that they were facing a shortage of fries.

The people in those countries were quick to express their love for these food outlets, even going as far as saying, “Good riddance!” This is particularly because of their flawless dependency on the potatoes imported from the USA. The supply chains have been hit greatly due to the pandemics, and this was seemingly the perfect time to start leveraging the local potato crops. However, due to this overdependence on the potatoes which seemingly maintain high standards, KFC and McDonald’s are in a lot of greasy sizzling heat that they make fries in.

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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