Loadshedding In Pakistan – Rise Of The Dark Night

Pakistan is facing 8 hours of load shedding and this is what the reports say, citizens, however, are complaining that power outages exceed 8 hours.

load-shedding in Pakistan

The most recurrent words ‘light hai?’ have taken sanctuary in Pakistan. The country is facing the worst load shedding ever (recorded history). Pakistan is facing 8 hours of load shedding and this is what the reports say, citizens, however, are complaining that power outages exceed 8 hours. The load shedding in Pakistan has resulted in THE RISE OF THE DARK NIGHT.

The Tales of our Parent’s Golden Era

Our parents never ever leave a chance to bring in their golden era during a family discussion. Just to prove a point that the current generation lacks in many ways despite the luxuries. ‘in our times, we used to travel to China on foot to get education, but today’s generation…….. throws a lot of tantrums to attend a school located at the end of the street.’ Believe us, our parents are so creative with this dialogue that they’ll improvise it according to the situation.

But……. What shocked us is when they said ‘there was hardly any load-shedding in our times.’ Like seriously? We are literally hit by the worst power outages. Even the cavemen would have said the same but unfortunately, there was no electricity during the cave era.

The Promises

After the public outcry and protests against the load-shedding, PM Shehbaz Sharif gave the final ultimatum that if the power outages are carried out for more than 2 hours then the persons in charge would be fired. The whole k-electric would have been dismantled by now. However, this is not the case.

Even people were asked to register a complaint against the long power outages via social media and many did that. Their load-shedding problem was completely resolved. Since the day they took it to social media, there has been no electricity in their areas – no electricity means no load-shedding. Problem solved!

According to the current reports, the government has decided to cut down the load-shedding hours to 3.5 years. We have high hopes that nothing like this would be implemented. Sorry to break it to you, but load-shedding is going to continue and in the worst-case scenario you might not get to see the light of the tube light.

Besides load-shedding, another thing is persistent i.e. memes. Memers can’t resolve our electricity issues but they surely have a way to keep the situation under control. The memes just lighten up your mood even if you are drenched in your sweat because the authority forgot to turn on the power of your area.  The Dark Knights came to the rescue following the rise of the dark night in Pakistan.

The Meme game

Our Ramadan resolutions going down the drain.

A message for our South African friends. We are in this together bro.


Even if the load-shedding gets reduced to 3.5 hours, a wise person will never get carried away with it.

Pro tip: not get too attached.

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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