Pakistani Content Creators And Youtube Sit Together For First Creator Roundtable

Youtube is the throne to showcase all the talent of the content creators.  It is quite amazing and exciting that Youtube and Pakistani Content Creator sat together for the first Creator Roundtable. The youtube channels included Ducky Bhai, Something Haute, Sistrology, and Street Food PK.

The discussion was headed by the Country Director of Pakistan at Google, Farhan S. Qureshi. He shared that during the last year the growth is 35%. There are more than 300 channels that have over a  million subscribers. Overall 4500 youtube channels are there with 100,000 subscribers with a growth rate of 45%. He also shared that Youtube channels have had a record growth of 140% which is commendable.

The content creators shared their youtube stories. How youtube has played an important role in their lives and gave an impact as well.

Ducky Bhai, whose real name is Saad Ur Rehman started his youtube five years ago.

Dr. Iqra Kanwal owns Sistrology, said that initially, it was a slow process. She switched to vlogging, which has changed for the better. “Things have changed for good now.”

Aamna Haider Isani, who has launched Something Haute left her job to focus on youtube content. She got a viewership which encouraged her to post more videos.

Street Food PK’s Zia Tabaruk, switched to youtube against the family’s wishes. He helped him financially as he is now creative with the videos.

The world is opening up and connecting globally via youtube and the internet. The mindset has changed now, and it has become an acceptable fact about youtube as part of community building. There is a lot of talent and potential which Pakistani YouTubers can explore.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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