25 facts that scream “I’m Pakistani”

There is something vibrantly definite about being Pakistani. It is a cocktail of the culture, the colors, the chaos, and calm that run through our veins, rousing everything in us with the land we belong to. From the spicy tang of Aloo Bhujia to the soul-stirring voice of Atif Aslam, here are 25 signs telling you why, my friend, you bleed green with pride.

  1. Family System:


for every Pakistani family is the most important part of their life. They are your therapist, friends and critique. If it’s past 10 I am sure every Pakistani will get a call from either their father, mother or wife asking them where they are and why they are not home yet.


  1. Cricket in every blood:

cricket meme person standing

If the distant echo of cricket makes your heart race, welcome to the club. Somewhere in pursuit of playing, watching, or debating about it, cricket became much more than a sport; rather, it became a lifestyle.

  1. Cultural diversity:

being Pakistani with all its different ethnic groups means literally being surrounded by culture, from the great mountains in the north to the teeming beaches in the south. Within yourself, you represent a small bit of this diversity.

  1. Best taste in music:

 the music of Pakistan goes far across the borders, and the name attached to it, be it Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan or Atif Aslam, and bands like Strings and Junoon, are indeed testimonials that Pakistani talent rules.

  1. Multiple languages:

Talking Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, or any of the innumerable languages that adorn our landscape isn’t about communication; it’s reflective of our intellect and cultural diversity.

  1. Swag like no other:

Being Pakistani comes with its very unique and special kind of swag. You can never say that you are, in any possible scenario, anything but the best at what you do. And yes, you are sexy.

  1. Shalwar Kameez Chronicles:

Comfort Within Style Meets Within the Form of Shalwar Kameez – The Ultimate Fashion Statement. “Shalwar Kameez” – The Ultimate Fashion Statement Saying It All about Heritage.

  1. Bargain Masters:


pakistani bargaining meme

Master is an inborn skill that ultimately makes you master in bargaining. It’s like doing shopping as an adventure, ensuring one gets the best possible bargain at any time.



  1. Gastronomic Greatness:

Pakistani cuisine is a visible expression of the love we have for food. From the richness and variety of street food to the fusions and fancies seen on five-star menus, it is the envy of many across the world.



  1. Chai addicts:

chai addicts

Wherever life leads, chai will guide and go with us. A drink, not just a drink but a ritual that offers warmth and adds chatter, breaking the day.



  1. Sweet is sweet:

pakistani sweets meme

Our desserts are made with the sweet charm of our culinary diversity. From the creamy kheer joy to the cool kulfi joy, our dessert promises your tongue a majestic ride.

  1. Bollywood weddings:

Though we make all efforts that it doesn’t, the drama and grandeur of Bollywood shaadis do enter the deep crevices of our weddings and make it a merry spectacle of colors and joy.

  1. ‘Urdu’ The Language of Love:

Urdu, with its poetic depths of emotions, is the certainly pulsating core of Pakistani self-identity, be that in literature, be that in songs, be that in everyday expressions.

  1. Words with expressions:

pakistani funny expression

Our common language is peppered with words and expressions which are colorful, and, frankly, they are rather blunt.

  1. Either Doctor or an Engineer:

More than a profession, it is considered the symbol of success and hard work for society to become a doctor or engineer in Pakistan.

  1. Slang lang:

urdu slangs

We have a unique, endearing slang for nearly every situation, adding flavor and humor to our conversations.

  1. We are Airport VIPS everywhere:

The drumbeat of “special attention” that hovers over us in international airports makes us feel like would-be celebrities who just can’t get out of the light.


  1. Starbucks to Sitar buksh:

pakistani fake brands

Our markets are treasure troves of fake branded things from Gucci to Nike are readily made and available in every market


  1. Faith and Philosophy:

Religion plays a huge part in shaping our morals, ethics, and our general approach to life—thus, turning us into amateur theologians.


  1. Math Whizzes:

pakistanii are math wizzes

Celebrate the knack of numbers with mathematics, known to be a cornerstone of our educational upbringing.


  1. Bonds of Friendship:

friendship ended with mudassir

Friendships in Pakistan are the relations at a very deep degree, lasting a life built with complete reliance, loyalty, and many shared cups of chai.


  1. Political debates:

political debate in pakistan

Our pastime is discussing politics. It is our national pastime, offering insights, airing opinions, and quite often, spirited debates about the state of the nation.


  1. “Jugaad” Art of Innovation:

pakistani jugaad

The creativity and innovativeness flow in our blood. That’s the “jugaad” principle—that’s how we roll to come up with creative ways to make it happen. Things that are impossible around are word are merely jugaad for a Pakistani


  1. Maa:


The Heartbeat of Our Homes, Pakistani Maa is the epitome of unconditional love, strength, and sacrifice; in her, we find our values and our family ties.


There you have it. If you were laughing, nodding, or feeling some chest swell of pride, then it’s official: you do, in fact, bleed green. Celebrate, for being Pakistani is to become inducted into a story as old as the Indus and as vibrant as the streets of Lahore. A testament to the legacy of resilience, warmth, and an indomitable spirit that shines bright—no matter where one might find themselves in the world.

Written by Istafa Ali


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