Celebrating Kid Inventors’ Day

Every year on January 17, Kid Inventors’ Day is observed. This day honours the innovation and originality of young people all throughout the world

January 17 Kid inventor's day

Every year on January 17, Kid Inventors’ Day is observed. This day honours the innovation and originality of young people all throughout the world. You’d be shocked to learn how many of the products we use every day were invented by children! Kids have developed several things that have become commonplace in our lives. Earmuffs, popsicles, trampolines, Braille, and even television are examples. However, Kid Innovators’ Day, in particular, honours Benjamin Franklin, one of the earliest recognised child inventors. At the age of twelve, he designed swim flippers!

Those who intended to set aside a day to recognise the achievements of child inventors and stimulate innovation among the younger population are credited with the creation of Kid Inventors’ Day. Kid Inventors’ Day is a celebration of every child’s exceptional ingenuity and purposefulness. A youngster may create a one-of-a-kind contraption with only a few tools and a lot of flexibility.

The date of January 17 was chosen as Kid Inventors’ Day since it is also the birthday of the renowned polymath, statesman, and child inventor Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin is a guy of many accomplishments, but his first feat was developing swim flippers when he was 12 years old. He is an excellent role model for all children.

After all, youngsters are inherently inquisitive and imaginative. Franklin was not the only child inventor, nor will he be the last; other children have developed many other items that we still use today.

Children developed things we use every day, such as trampolines, ear muffs, and popsicles. Some inventions by youngsters have improved the lives of millions. The most notable example is Braille, the language of the blind established by a child, Louis Braille. Examples like these demonstrate how, with correct support, frequently accompanied by festivities like Kid Inventors’ Day, our world can be a better place with ideas pioneered by children. The day is observed at schools and community institutions.

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ACTIVITIES FOR Kid Inventors’ Day

  • Time spent with your child
    Kid Inventors’ Day might be one of the most instructive and enjoyable festivals to spend with your kids. The creative thoughts that your child has will astonish you.
  • Bring your child to a museum.
    This Day is the ideal opportunity to take your kids to a museum in your area to show them all the incredible inventions that have been made. This is a fantastic method to motivate them.
  • Launch a project
    On Kid Inventors’ Day, get your child started on a project. You and your child could have a lot of fun working on a scientific or artistic project.

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