Jubin Nutyal copied Taher Shah’s ‘Eye-to-Eye’?

With his unique discography and song videos, Pakistani musician Taher Shah undoubtedly shocked the music scene. Indians and Pakistanis alike were enamoured with the musician. Even though Shah is largely absent from the limelight, Bollywood is nonetheless fixated by the Angel singer.

Following Nach Punjaban and Dhoop Kinaray, two recent examples of B-town stealing Pakistani content, Taher Shah’s bizarre and embarrassing tune Eye to Eye will be the newest song ripped off by Indian music producers.

Most recently, word spread that popular Indian singer Jubin Nutiyal had sampled Shah’s captivating song Eye To Eye. Oddly, an Indian composer named Mayur Jumani was mentioned because he believes that Shah’s song has been sampled in Nutiyal’s most recent song, Mast Ankhain, by the record label T-Series.

While some Indian media outlets are applauding the neighbouring nations’ unity at least via music, others are criticising the country’s own entertainment industry for brazenly imitating Pakistani singers and failing to give proper credit.


Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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