Jannat Mirza and Umer Butt Parted Ways?

Famous Tiktok stars, Jannat Mirza and Umer Butt have called it quits, haven’t they?

Jannat and Umer parted ways
Jannat and Umer parted ways

Umer Butt, a member of the TikToker team, has announced that he and Jannat Mirza have mutually agreed to part ways. Their highly publicized courtship was the subject of numerous news stories. The rumor mill also had them engaged late last year.

On the other hand, Butt confirmed the breakup by posting on Instagram and sharing the following: “I believe it is important for you to be aware of the fact that Jannat and I are no longer together. It was a decision that we came to together, and I would appreciate it if you could keep our privacy in mind and give us some space.” Jannat Mirza is one of the most followed Tiktok stars in Pakistan with more than 20 million followers.

The couple was together in a relationship for quite some time but now it is finally over both ways. A lot of people have guessed their own views regarding their breakup.


Earlier, in November of the previous year, it would appear that the couple ended their relationship. On the other hand, it turned out to be a dig at Butt’s recently shaved appearance. Upon which people did troll him.


In November of last year, rumors began spreading that Jannat Mirza had broken up with Umar Butt after posting a story in which she made the announcement. She added a winking face emoji to the story in which she announced, “I’m not in a relationship anymore, I’m single.” Turns out it was all a big joke.

But now, the breakup between Mirza and Butt was announced on her Instagram account by Mirza. She had written in her journal, “I’m not in a relationship any longer, I’m single, Don’t ask me why.” Butt elaborated further on the context of Mirza’s Instagram story at a later time. During the course of a cricket match, he had placed a bet and ended up losing it.


Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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