Humraaz: Govt’s attempt to provide mental health assistance

With just two questions, Humraaz instantly offers a potential diagnosis along with treatment recommendations.

A new government programme named ‘Humraaz’ that offers free basic support to persons in need in the area of mental health was recently introduced.

Despite having a poor user interface, the application guides users to investigate their current feelings, potential problems, and any potential support they may need.

To as accurately as possible determine the severity of the symptoms, users are presented with a wide selection of options that describe their current emotions and sensations, and they are then asked to score the intensity of those sentiments. With just two questions, Humraaz instantly offers a potential diagnosis along with treatment recommendations.

The website offers quick support by phoning the hotline number for aid or assisting you in finding a psychologist. It also offers relaxing resources like general mental health articles to browse through, films, and a group text to discuss your concerns.

The relaxing content includes numbered pieces that discuss stress or murder and how to identify and handle it. Only one or two films that point consumers to a YouTube video of a doctor discussing your diagnosed illness are available. Although there are many individuals visible in the Humraaz group chat, there is a glitch that prohibits texts from being received or appearing on the chat screen.

Although the concept behind Humraaz is smart and a necessity for Pakistanis today, the application’s execution fell short of the requirements set by such platforms.

The local psychologists search hasn’t had data updated and doesn’t list any psychologists who users could schedule an appointment with. Since users must also sign in with their phone number, CNIC, or email address, the application does not maintain user anonymity. .

Though the idea behind Humraaz is thoughtful and an essential requirement for Pakistanis today, the execution of the application has failed to meet the standards that such platforms require.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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