Fortnite Now Available on Your Mobile Devices


Gaming has changed its way and been upgraded and updated as technology has made advancements. In our childhood, there were special Microsoft gaming consoles that had exclusive games and a close ecosystem. Now, they can be played on the PC giving people more access and facilitating the gamers. They have further upgraded it by putting it on the cloud. In the latest development, Fortnite returns to iOS and Android devices making it more convenient for gamers. Now you can sit on your bed or couch and play. You can play it anywhere without taking your PC for that matter. Ain’t that amazing?

System Specifications

Some of the system specifications needed are:

Apple devices: iOS 14.4 or later, 10 Mbps (iPhone) or 20 Mbps (iPad) download speed

Android devices: Android 6.0 or later, 7 Mbps download speed

PC: Windows 10 October 2020 update or later, 20 Mbps download speed

Apple partners with Google

Earlier, Fortnite was available for Apple users as they have partnered with Google. Because of a tussle over in-app payments, the game was removed from the app stores. Now they have revised their terms. Microsoft Corp and Epic Games have partnered due to which Fortnite will be available on Google-owned Android and Apple’s iOS. It will be streamed on the browser just like Netflix irrespective of the hardware specs.

This is a good strategy for making an impact in the video gaming market where the casual gamers will also be interested as it is very convenient now and provide tough competition to the rival Sony Corp. They had already taken over the Call of Duty worth $68.7 billion.

First free-to-play title

Another interesting feature is that Fortnite is the first free-to-play title to join the Xbox Cloud Gaming service. According to Microsoft, “It’s an important step to add a Free-to-Play title to the cloud gaming catalog as we continue our cloud journey.” Since its launch in 2020, over 10 million people have streamed it, and it is available in 26 countries.

Google’s Landmark Initiative For Gaming Industry In Pakistan

The developers have to pay a 30% commission to the Apple store, which has drawn a lot of criticism. The Fortnite creator is also in a legal battle with Apple but it lost the battle, unfortunately. The ruling stated that Apple had valid reasons to take the commissions on the sales.

We hope the gaming enthusiasts must be excited as the games are on mobile devices too, and they can convince their parents for pocket-friendly mobile devices to play their favorite games.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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