Five Habits Holding Back Your Success

Taking control of your habits means taking control of your life and career and steering it in the direction you’re destined for.

If it’s true that our habits determine our future, knowing our habits and where they take us is one of the most important things we can do to shape that future. The difference between highly successful people and others is the set of habits they have built over time.

Here are the 5 habits that might be holding you back from success:

  1. Checking your phone as soon as you wake up:

We’re all probably guilty of it. However, the morning is a glorious time, perfect for being fully aware and present. If used well, it can be where you set up a successful day. A five minute phone check isn’t something to worry about but if that turns into 60 minutes or so, it may become a terrible way to start out your day.

You have the choice, every morning, to own the day, or let the day own you. The first thing you do upon waking is the main factor in this choice.

  1. Scrolling social media:

A little social media scrolling to keep one updated is okay but Mindless consumption of other people’s tweets, stories and updates can throw you off your path and bring comparison into your ether. It fills your consciousness with things that don’t concern you.

If you want to achieve amazing things, seek to avoid distractions. Social media platforms are trying their very best to get us addicted.

  1. Watching television:

It’s only the owners of Netflix that are Netflixing their way to success. Other than them, binge watching can come in the way of your success very easily. Definitely, all work and no play is also harmful but any successful man will agree how addictive watching television can be and how important it is to avoid it.

  1. Fearful thinking:

Fearful thinking is a habit that holds people back, because it means they function from a mindset of scarcity. Remember, “What if” will always get in your way of success by conquering and destroying your optimism. Imagine what kind of decisions that would lead to. Scrimping, saving, holding back, gossiping, putting people down and guarding things closely. This pattern of thinking is halting your progress.

  1. Irrelevant talking:

If you talk more than you listen, your learning is limited. When you speak, you can only say things you already know, but when you listen you learn another point of view or new information. Consciously sitting back and contributing only when absolutely necessary can help you far better understand the people around you

Success requires acquiring new knowledge every day. Talking too much will not only keep you away from learning but will also wire your mind in such a way that one won’t be able to understand others perspectives.

Taking control of your habits means taking control of your life and career and steering it in the direction you’re destined for.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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