Elon Musk Announces more Changes to Twitter

Elon musk after changing twitter logo to “X” anoounces that there will be more updates upcoming for the social media site.

Elon Musk Announces more Changes to Twitter

A few days after Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, said that the popular messaging app would be called “X” and that the famous blue bird logo would be gone, he said that the social media platform would also get an update.

Musk said Thursday that he wants to change the colour style of the app. Users can usually choose from three backgrounds: “Default,” “Dim,” and “Lights out,” which are white, grey, and black, respectively.

But Musk has said that “soon” the app will “only have ‘dark mode.'”

“It’s better in every way,” Musk wrote on Twitter early Thursday morning.

Musk’s comment was in reaction to a user’s question about whether he would change the blue verification checkmark on Twitter to a black-and-white one to match the new “X” logo.

At first, the user asked, “Blue tick or black tick?”

“I like black too, but it won’t work in the dark mode,” he said.

Then Musk spoke up and gave a hint about the new look.

Other social media sites also have a “dark mode,” which usually has a dark grey background that is easier on the eyes and can save battery power on mobile devices.

Several people on Twitter liked the change.

“Great idea,” wrote one person.

“Can’t wait,” said someone else.

The change is the latest step in Musk’s plan to rebrand Twitter as a “everything app” that will get rid of the problems that come with having a single owner.

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Musk unveiled its new logo on Monday, getting rid of the blue bird on its website and replacing it with a stylized “X” in an effort to change the website’s image.

Musk wrote in a post on Sunday that he wanted to change Twitter’s logo. He then asked his millions of fans what they thought about changing the site’s colour scheme from blue to black.

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